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Tiki Village (Mobile Home Park), Tavares, FL (other)

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Name:Tiki Village (Mobile Home Park)
Street:Intersection of Holly Drive and Dead River Rd.

A 1960's Tiki theamed mobile home park. Sign's are are original. Park has been de-tiki'ed, but the name has been kept, as well as the fantastic road signs.


I stumbled on this tiki site today, going to work on a customers boat. This is located in the middle of the state, in a area of old lakeside resorts. I was shocked to find this location, as there is no tiki in this part of florida, as that area was not one of the hip spots, during the Tiki era.

I talked to a couple of the residents, and they said it used to have carved tiki's and a tiki hut, but they fell vitim to Florida hurricanes, rot, and termites. They did keep the great signs, and have kept them restored, as the residents love the "exotic" name.

I am following up a lead on one surviving tiki statue which may be in private hands, nearby.

Swanky posted on Thu, Nov 5, 2009 9:46 AM

Is "55 Plus" an age requirement?


Yes, It is a retirement community.

I love that first sign! That would have gone in one of my book page collages.

Here's a postcard from it. It doesn't look like it was too tikified, with no Tikis around the sign or the main building, but there must have been some carvings, somewhere.


Hi Sven,

I love that first sign too, it is tooo cool. I'd put it up in my back yard! I managed to talk to a fellow who worked there for many years, and he said there was a number of carvings in the rec room, and some outdoor ones as well. I am supposed to go see the one surviving Tiki, early next week. I will post photo's of it, after my visit. Finding this place, made my work trip alot more fun than I expected!

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