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Trip to Mecca - Oceanic Arts

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Just took my bi-yearly trip to Mecca - aka Oceanic Arts. Everytime I go I'm struck by how nice Bob and Leroy are. As I was talking with Bob, I felt as though I was in the presence of some larger than life celebrity; yet he's the most down to earth approachable guy. I told him I picked up a carved tiki mask that was from a polynesian restaurant in Newport Beach (CA) that was torn down in the 70's. Bob was able to determine, with color pictures mind you, that it was from a place called Christian's Tiki Hut. These guys are walking treasure troves of tantilizing tiki tidbits. We were discussing La Mariana in Honolulu when he said that they supplied items for the new movie 'Wind Talkers' shot in HI. While there the filmcrew discovered La Mariana and proceeded to drink there daily. Anyway, the buzz is wearing off so I'd better get back to work...

Christian's Tiki Hut? I seem to remember something about that in the BoT. For some reason a connection to "The Goof" (of the Bali Hai) comes to mind. I don't have my book here with me, though. At any rate, to have a mask from Christian's is a super-cool find.

Bob and Leroy are the greatest.

Score on the mask, Bong- ! Would enjoy seeing your set up sometime. Did the light work out? Anyway, Look for a 30'x 15' x 12'h. peaked thatched tiki-ish bar in Windtalkers. They called me up (a year and a half ago) on a Thursday saying they needed this bar built. The catch was they were moving production from Hawaii to Zuma beach over the weekend and needed it to shoot on the beach Monday eve. Bamboo Ben said, No worries! They sent a driver down on Fri. with a wadd of loot and I (solo) wacked it out. The funny thing is that it was a week after I moved into the old Von Dutch hut in H.B. and all the Red Neck auto freaks were raising on me about what I do. That monday was a riot when the MGM Big rig filled half the lot for the pick up! All the red necks were scratching their heads in awe! Bob and Le Roy are the coolist. I can't go there without spending an hour chatting about them hanging back in the old days with my Grandfather. They used to carve (and drink) together in the S.A. river bed all the time.I'll stop babbeling now.....


Leroy said that 'the Goof' character was on top of a sort of spire above Christian' Tiki Hut in Corona Del Mar. Also according to him Bali Hai subsequently picked it up and ran with it.


Come on over anytime and check out my tiki bar. I make an accurate, but mean, Mai-Tai. Yes, your lamp worked out great. I'll probably ride my bicycle to your shop this weekend and pick up some more tiki-related items (you can never have too much stuff!)


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