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Ultimate Tiki Party-Humphreys San Diego

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Hello everyone,

I am not sure what this event entails but I saw it while scanning a ticket sellers page.

It is labeled as the Ultimate Tiki Party at the Humphreys concert venue in San Diego. For those of you who have visited Humphreys before you know that it is pretty much in Tiki Central as far as the San Diego Tiki community is concerned.

The date was listed as July 17th.

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Vista, CA

Here it is... I found the info

Thursday, July 17 8:00pm
The Ultimate Tiki Party featuring Don Tiki

$33 entry

Don Tiki is Perry Coma (keyboards), Hai Jung (bass, vocals), Noel Okimoto (mallets, drums, percussion), Carlinhos de Oliveira (Brazilian percussion), Jim Howard (flute) and Abe Lagrimas (drums) joined by other musicians and singers called the Tiki Tribe to perform "exotica," an evocative musical hybrid born out of jazz, Latin rhythms and aboriginal instrumentation complete with tropical percussion, mystical bird calls and demure vocals. Often described as alternative Polynesian revue meets Cirque du Soleil. Perhaps the beginning of an annual Humphrey’s tradition.

Ah yes, Don Tiki. Sounds like a cool event. Speaking of which, shouldn't this be in the Events section?

Yes, it should be in the events section.

Ok, who's going? I'm 90% sure I'm in!
The seats are $33 or $80. I've seen the area, and really, ANY seat is pretty good. It's not huge like the picture on their website shows.

Dinner is available there, but Bali Hai is about 100 yards away, so I would go there for dinner. As a matter of fact, I will probably just stay at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn for the night, since that is about 50, ok, maybe 60 feet away from the concert area.

Anyone else?


Sorry.. I put it in the wrong forum.
I generally don't read the other forums so this one is my primary source of info. I'm a TC rookie I guess.

Maybe this is the SD tiki event that we've been talking about.

A tiki weekend in SD sounds like fun to me! Humphrey's, Bali Hai, Islands Room, Trader Mort's and of course the Lagoon Room.

Count me in!

**Poly-Pop ***

[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2003-04-23 07:42 ]

I already have my tickets. Cocktails at our place.

Hmmmm.... since this is shaping up to be my Summer of Tiki, I may plan on jetting down there for this. I've never been to San Diego.

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