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Just got this info in from Nancy Beranek
This seems like a great business opportunity for someone with the
means to open a new restaurant:

Thought you might like to know that the Salvation Army moved out of
the old Luau Room space here in Louisville, KY. The bad news is that
I can no longer visit it, but the (potentially) good news is that it
is for sale. I don't happen to have the cash or the know-how to
operate a tiki bar, but thought maybe you know someone who does. I
have digitial pics of the interior, which the Salvation Army was very
adamant about leaving intact. All the decor had stickers on it
saying "Not for sale." Basically it is 19,000 sq. ft of grasscloth,
bamboo, wood shingles, hibiscus-patterened carpeting and life-sized
tikis situated two blocks from the dormitories and frat houses of the
University of Louisville. It also has a large parking lot (prior to
being the Luau Room it was apparently a Kroger.)
I would love to see someone re-open this place, and would
definitely patronize it if someone did. I bet a lot of my friends in
the theatre community would tool, as well as the aforementioned
college students. Obviously what I would hate to see is the
auctioning off of all the cool stuff. I can get the name and phone
number of the realtor, and send pics if you know anyone who might be
interested. You can tell them that Louisville is actually a really
cool city, with a gigantic arts scene (professional theatre,
professional theatre for families, opera, ballet, orchestra, numerous
galleries and an art museum), one of the nicest skate parks in the
nation, a zoo, planetarium, low crime, no traffic, friendly folks,
hardly any snow, a beautifully revamped waterfront, and a ridiculous
number and variety of restaurants for a city of it's size, but no
Tiki bar. I grew up in Chicago and have lived here for almost 14
years. It has all the benefits of a bigger city but not the problems.

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San Francisco, CA 94114

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