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Waioli Tea Room, Honolulu, HI (restaurant)

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Name:Waioli Tea Room
Street:3016 Oahu Ave


Owned and operated by the Salvation Army, the Waioli Tea Room had a chapel, numerous themed dining rooms, lush gardens, and the supposed actual hut that Robert Louis Stevenson lived in during the late 1800s.

I've always ignored this brochure on eBay because there are no tikis in it.

However this one was in a scrapbook and it was accompanied by a snapshot of one of the private dining huts in the garden:

The Waioli Tea Room still does business, but I'm sure the Prince Hinoi hut must be long gone. The Robert Louis Stevenson hut blew down during some high winds in 2003.


Check out this postcard from the Prince Hinoi Hut! I had snagged this image from ebay a long time ago and it was not identified properly - now we know where it is from.

Those old Hawaiian vacation scrapbooks had a lot of cool stuff.


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Here is the postcard of the Robert Louis Stevenson Grass Hut.


Hey DC,

I've never seen that Prince Hinoi postcard before. That's a great image. All tiki locations seem to look better at night with the torches burning. I think it must be a pretty rare postcard.

I should say that I'm going on the assumption that the Prince Hinoi hut is at the Waioli Tea Gardens. This is based on the fact that the rest of the pages in the scrapbook are grouped correctly and that there is a snapshot of the Robert Louis Stevenson hut right next to it on the page. There's the possibility that I could be wrong though. If you or any of the other members sees a reason why the Prince Hinoi Hut should be located elsewhere in Honolulu, I'll gladly change the title of this post.

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Having been privileged to have been a guest at the Waikikian and the Tahitian Lanai shortly before its demise, I do believe this is one of the dining huts at the Tahitian Lanai, which each had their own names. Somewhere there is a photo of me and my son in one, have to find it.

I'm glad Bigbro was able to correctly identify the Prince Hinoi hut as being on the grounds of the Tahitian Lanai and NOT the Waioli Tea Room. Just goes to show that you have to be careful making assumptions based on picture groupings in scrapbooks.

I've tried to find any scrap of tiki associated with the Waioli Tea Room but it looks like it was a tiki-free location. The best I could do was this photo of the gift shop, showing one tiki figurine on display:

See, THAT is what I call dedication to Tiki archeology: Sabu tried for FOUR YEARS to find an image of the Waioli Tea Room showing a Tiki, and did not falter until now ! :D :wink:


Hey guys, good stuff. FWIW...

On 2010-11-12 21:27, bigbrotiki wrote here:
My son Diego and me as a young man in one of the Tahitian Lanai's dining huts at the end of the gardens:

While we're at it, here's a couple other Tahitian Lanai huts, from the the Tahitian Lanai thread :down:


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