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7 Seas, San Francisco, CA (bar)

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Name:7 Seas
Street:534 Geary St.
City:San Francisco

Another example of the pre-tiki Tropical Polynesian nightclubs from the 1930's. Also a great example of how drinks, names, and gimmicks were copied all across the US. Just as Beachcomber, Zombie, and Trader 'Fill in the Blank' Bars proliferated across the country, so apparently did the 'Seven Seas' name together with the 'Rain on the Roof'. The other example being the '7 Seas' in Hollywood also known for it's 'Rain on the Roof'. Hard to tell if one copied the other or if the '7 Seas' traveled from San Francisco to Hollywood.

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Scored this napkin at the paper show from the 7 Seas in San Francisco.

Rain on the roof! Didn't Don invent that?



I found this ad for the 7 Seas in the Playbill program for the play "Dead End" at the Geary Theater, dated late 1937.


Great ad Clayfran and thanks for posting. 1937 and an address: 534 Geary St.

"They paved paradise And put up a parking lot."

Have been meaning to post this stuff for ages.

Those old photos from nightclubs and bars really are treasures.

From the Nevada State Journal, December 18, 1937:

From the Nevada State Journal, March 25, 1938:

Kind of interesting that an SF bar got that attention from a Nevada paper. Makes me wonder if John Hickok or Frank Rolfo were intially from Nevada.

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