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A little help with French

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I took plenty of French, but I am afraid this page is a lot slang-ish. Anyone care to translate what they are saying about Hukilau?



This is what I got when I ran it through Bablefish

Posted message: 2003-04-24 one 09:14

what rever veiled and to leave to make 1 cuckoo with the yankees.
Live the Frenchwoman of the plays!!!


Posted message: 2003-04-24 one 09:16

the tagine Ca returns simpleton.........


Posted message: 2003-04-24 one 09:24

kiiiiiitsch, but too sympathetic I find!

thank you ohana!

Makes no sense to me.

This is in the close, but no cigar (can't find my French-English dictionaries):
1st one "Here it is what is dreamt of ...."but I don't know the 1 coucou aux ricains.
2nd one--I don't have a clue.
3rd--"Kitsch, but I find it nice."
Hope this helps. Sorry it's incomplete.


la tagine ca rend nigaud.........

Tagine is a Moroccan stew...which just makes that sentence even more confusing

[ Edited by: Mattio on 2003-04-24 21:31 ]

I beleive the second line may be a reference/apology to the misspelling of the web site address.


Yes. There is too much slang here for Babelfish or even my 3 years of college French. But France is interested. We have a lot of folks coming from Italy. The translation of the Hukilau site into Italian is one of the top hits right now!


It says:
"Here is something to make you dream and (want)to go say "hello there" to the Americans".

(rican is slang for American)

Vive the French (woman) of the games.

The last post says:
"kiiiiiitsch, but really nice, I find (feel).

Any other translations you need?


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