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Sav-On Drugs, for all your Tiki needs?

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The Sav-On Drugs by my werk has a tiki bar for $449, 4 ft. tall tiki "idols" for 89.99 and other assorted tiki type stuff.

Kinda cheesy.

But is it an Original Bamboo Ben tiki Bar or, is it a plastic wanna-be version like the rest? I'll have some killer, one of a kinders at Oasis for sale less than Sav-Ons!!! I lost count after 500 custom tiki bars. Haven't built 2 alike yet. God damn molds!!! Arghhhhh!!!

What's next...Tikis-R-Us! I found myself down by Rosecrans & Sports Arena Blvd today and saw this huge Big Lots & remembering something previously posted here on TC about Big Lots having tiki mugs I ventured in for a look see. I didn't find anything even close to tiki (not even a cheap ceramic Ku lawn jockey). Must be a mid-west thang.

Ain't nothing like a BambooBen original!

feel free to post some pics of these tikis if you please!

I have seen those so-called "tikis" at Sav-on. I think Sav-on actually refers to them as "totems," which is just as well as they are pretty generic looking. They could be Hawaiian, African, or Native American for that matter.

Haven't seen their tiki bars, though. Kmart had a patio bar that wasn't anything special which they refered to as a tiki bar.

But I think several people have pointed out that the vintage tiki stuff most of us all know and love was originally sold at the sixties equivalents of Sav-on and Kmart back in the day. I think it's kind of cool that you can actually get tiki stuff at these places, of course it remains a matter of personal taste as to whether you think this stuff is worth having.

Nothing in the tiki genre can be bad, even if it cheesy or mass-produced, just so long as any tiki mana is maintained.

Similarly, the Book of Tiki approves of this position:

"Authenticity and cultural
correctness were secondary as long
as the artifacts embodied the
spirit of Tiki . . ."
BOT 186.

For example, the BOT also chronicles that when tiki was part of the American popular culture, there were mass-produced tiki barbecues, tiki salt&pepper shakers and even
tiki soap on a rope (now available at the Good Life across from the Beverly Center in LA) BOT 182-183 & 232.

Pages: 1 6 replies