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Black Tahiti, Washington, D.C., (bar)

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Name: Black Tahiti
Type: Bar
Street: 1776 K Street, N.W.
City: Washington, D.C.
country: USA
Phone: 202/ 293-1770
Status: defunct

Never have heard or seen anything about this place other than the matchbook.

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Judging by the type face, this is a "late" Tiki joint, maybe 70s, or even 80s. A great name, but why? Was it lit with black light? Or was it that rare specimen, an African American Tiki Bar? And WHY did they choose an Indian totem pole as their logo Tiki?

A Baltimore Newspaper did an article in 1981 about a celebrity Tennis Tournament. It included this:

“The tournament was played at Anacostia Park on Sunday followed by a Fashion Show at the Black Tahitian Restaurant. The celebrities were Boston Celtics guard Sam Jones, Washington Bullets players Mneh Kupchak and Kevin Grevey, Adrian Littles of the Utah Jazz, Tim Baylor of the Minnesota Vikings and Donnie Simpson of WKYS radio along with a host of other stars.”

So at least we know it was open in 1981.

Found this in a March 11-24, 1971 Metrolines - A useful guide for Metroliner passengers.


Cool. Anybody know any of those sport stars?? We probably ain't the right bunch on here but somebody may know somebody who.....


Tim Baylor was picked to run for LT. Governor in 2006.

This is part of a Star Tribune article:

" "Did I get lucky or what?" Lourey exclaimed at a State Capitol news conference, gazing up at the 6-foot-6 Baylor, who towers 15 inches above her. He met all her criteria for a prospective lieutenant governor, she said: leadership, diverse talents, dynamic personality, extensive work experience beyond government, integrity and broad appeal to the public.

Baylor, 52, played safety for the Vikings in 1979 and 1980, then began a successful business career as a real estate developer and the owner of two McDonald's fast-food franchises. He is a member of the McDonald's Regional Leadership Council and the National Black McDonald's Owners Association."

I don't have a Facebook account but maybe he does and someone could see if he has one then ask him what the place is like?

[ Edited by: abstractiki 2009-12-23 19:48 ]

I assume Mneh Kupchak was supposed to be Mitch Kupchak. He's the GM of the Lakers.

I'm sure you're right about that. The text was damaged and was hard to read so I just wrote what it looked like. :)


Kevin Grevey has had a Restaurant/Bar in Fairfax, (Merrifield) Va for years-Grevey's.

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The Black Tahiti was one of several places in DC run by Ulysses "Black" Auger, including Black Greco Club, Blackie's House of Beef, Black Ulysses, Black Rose, Black Rooster Pub, etc.


Now we're talking! Thank You!

Here we have the proprietor, Ulysses G. "Blackie" Auger

To his customers, his mantra was simple: "You eat beef or you don't eat nothing."

And here's how the name for the Black Tahiti came to be:

During World War II, he served in Africa and Europe. A few Southern Army buddies gave him the nickname because they could not pronounce Ulysses. " 'Hey, you with the black hair. Hey, Blackie,' " he recalled.

His restaurants: .....He named them recognizably: the Black Rose, the Black Crystal, the Black Beret, the Black Tahiti (Polynesian food, inspired by a vacation to the South Pacific), the Black Greco, the Black Saddle, the Black Circus, the Black Ulysses and the Black Russian.

Thanks, folks, mystery solved!

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I just snagged a hurricane glass sporting the Black Tahiti logo yesterday at a thrift store near DC. It's a little worn, but a nice addition to my collection. I'd never heard of this place, but 1981 was exactly the time when I first discovered Tiki, at the Aloha restaurant in Charlottesville, VA. It's long gone. If anyone's interested, I'll post a photo of the glass.

I don't think that's a native American totem pole though. Just uninformed artwork. I mean, honestly, what totem pole would have the phrase "close cover before striking" carved at the bottom? :)

There's a new restaurant in DC that is not tiki, but has a bartender versed in the classic tropical drinks, and who stocks the right ingredients. I should probably post that under a different topic.

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I remember the place, but never went there. In fact, of all of Blackie's joints, the Black Rooster pub is the only one I ever went to.


Okay, here's a close-up of the Black Tahiti glass. Cheers, all!

No more info, just another matchbook style.

Would like to see more on this one.


when was doing WaPo research awhile back, i got this hit, but never payed to see the actual article.


sounds like the black tahiti was involved in some 1974 corporate junket scandal. it's not new, folks!!!

I spotted this menu on ebay from the Black Tahiti.

Seems as though the restaurant was pretty minimal - cafeteria style.

And the adjoining Bora Bora Bar.

The menu did confirm that the Black Tahiti was a hangout for sports stars, it was signed by baseball legend Ted Williams.



Nice! K street isn't that far either... Pity the place is gone. I might have to swing by sometime and see what the space looks like now.

Wyrdnet-- thanks for posting the picture of the glass-- great find!

seems like a band played there named the Bora Bora Bunch. which i have to wonder whether it was inspired by the Brady Bunch (starting september 1969).

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