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Opinions please

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Has anyone been to the Waikiki Wally's polynesian restaurant/bar in NYC? Is it a "tiki farce" or a good place?

Ugh, never mind. I just found "Boutiki's" review back a couple months. It state that the place went for the "beachy" theme instead of the dark south seas watering hole feel. Yuck. I recently moved from the Boston area that had a disproportionate number of lovely old tiki hide outs.

Different strokes for different folks. I like wally's, but the only way that you'll know if it's a hang-out for you is to check it out yourself. It is a neo-tiki place and lacks the lounge-y sophistication of original tiki restaurants. But maybe you'll still find something about it that's fun. There's now a sunday Brunch there which I still need to check out.

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