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Royal Hawaiian Room, Kowloon, Hong Kong (restaurant)

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Name:Royal Hawaiian Room
Street:Empress Hotel, 17-19 Chatham Rd.
country:Hong Kong

1960s Polynesian restaurant and bar on the 15th floor of the Empress Hotel in Hong Kong.

No other info on this location other than the collection of ephemera I bought on eBay.

Menu from the Royal Hawaiian Room :down:

A couple of views of the Royal Hawaiian Room, including capiz shell lamps and a nice tiki.

:up: The Royal Hawaiian Room, where exotic South Sea dishes are featured amid splashing waterfalls and music from the islands.

The Outrigger Bar, also on the 15th floor:

:up: Lovely wahines serve cool Island cocktails in the Outrigger Bar

Great little die-cut drink menu from the Outrigger Bar:

Certainly a dangerous drink if all it contains is "Rum, Rum, Rum"

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Swanky posted on Mon, Jan 4, 2010 6:35 AM

Anyone have an idea of age based on the prices? I was thinking it was newish at $6 for a Mai Tai, then realized the currency was likely NOT dollars....

On 2010-01-04 06:35, Swanky wrote:
Anyone have an idea of age based on the prices?

Based on the typefaces and menu design, late 50s / early 60s for sure, but have no idea about the currency ... and this thread is currently the only hit on the net for the place, although the Empress Hotel itself is still around.

Found both the bar and the restaurant mentioned in trade journals and travel directories between 1965 & 1981. Here's another view of the dining room from a postcard we found today:

(We knew that thing in the back had to be a tiki among the volcanic rock in the back, but couldn't make it out in this card. It looked like someone had made a smiley face in red. Your closeup Sabu shows that the red smile is a lei and that yes, it is a tiki...)

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