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Aloha to all new members!

I've noticed several posts by new members regarding subjects that have been discussed here in prior posts. So before posting an "Anybody know about...?", try out the great search feature Hanford's provided. Look up to the right of the Tiki Central banner, you'll see [Search]. Just enter your keywords and you're off. Choose the "all of the terms" option if you're not getting what you want.

Have fun, hope this helps!


Thanks, Purplejade...

I joined up a couple days back. It's good to commune with like-minded souls. I've been infected with tiki for over 30 years. It's like malaria; you get better, but you're never considered cured.

That's fine with me. Tiki is a state of mind, not an object. I felt that way the first time I saw Hawaii, over two decades ago. I lived there awhile and it creeped under my skin. Burying itself deep, and I've spread the disease ever since. Many other destinations in the tropics have since clung to my skin.

I've scanned past postings and observed some interesting and disturbing remarks. Most notable are the negative comments about Jimmy Buffet and his so-called anti-tiki activities. This makes no sense to me. I've known Bubba for awhile and all he has done (besides find a way to make a profitable living, which as a fellow artist I appreciate) is to suggest the key to emotional stablity is a positive state of mind. Maybe it's a silly concept, but, nevertheless, harmless. And as for the drinking aspect, well...I never saw a tiki lover refuse a shot of 151 laced with a trace of fruit juice.

Margaritaville is a state of mind. Tiki is a state of mind. The physical observation of both is an endulgence in our creative spurts of imagination. Neither one is based on some archeological mountain of research. Tiki, as we know it, is a creation of a fantasy world - not something truely born somewhere in the south pacific. My god, we created this marketing device and imported to the islands in the 1950s & '60s, simply because mainlanders expected an image already created by popular musicals like "South Pacific" or Mitchner's books.

Lets' get real here. There are plenty of people in the world who think this tiki thing is about as sophisticated as pink plastic lawn flamingoes. Considering that, I think any in-bred snobbery is ridiculous.

I really love to discover others with my twisted sense of decor and lifestyle. To share the child-like wonder of graphic puesdo-polynesian culture is wonderful and strangely refreshing. However, I don't appreciate negative vibes and elitism I've seen in some posts.

At my mature age, I'd like to think people are better than those petty attitudes. Maybe I'm naive. The tiki lifestyle is not a trend to me. It's a physical representation of my zeal for life. Something positive to be shared with people of all ages. Not to be used as an excuse for segregation.

If what I have said offends anyone here, I gladly apologize and resign from this community.

[ Edited by: Squawker on 2003-04-26 01:48 ]

Hi Squawker,

Thanks for your comments. First off, as operator of Tiki Central I want to say everyone is welcome here regardless of their opinions of Buffett (or any other music). I hate getting teased about my taste in music, and I don't want anyone to feel bad about it.

But I do want to point out that after reading many of the anti-Buffett comments that have come up, I've never thought it was anything more than, say, how Giants fans bag on the Dodgers (or a fan of any team bagging on a rival team). It's teasing, it's smack-talking, and indeed it's quite passionate. But it's not religion or politics. I don't think "two friends divided by their opinions of Buffett" will ever be the plot of a movie-of-the-week.

If it's gone too far than I appologize on Tiki Central's behalf, although from what I read of it, I don't think it has. I guess to some die-hard Buffett fans it could sting, but I just saw it as discussion of a musician, nothing more or less. Buffett conversation is such a small part of what goes on here, it would be a shame to lose a member over it.


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2003-04-26 02:43 ]

laney posted on Sat, Apr 26, 2003 3:13 AM

Yes, Purple Jade, I see repeated topics here often too. But what happens when we run out of things to talk about? :-? When it's all been discussed? :-? Could we be seeing the beginning of the end of Tiki Central? :-? :-?

Squawker, There are plenty of us Parrot Heads here. I've given up on explaining why I like his music and have a blast at his yearly concerts. I don't feel I have to defend someone who is on the top 10 earning musicians list almost every year (pretty good, since I never hear his stuff on the radio) I also don't get why the "tiki purists" who hate his music keep bringing him up here on Tiki Central. If you don't think he's tiki, don't talk about him on TC-problem solved. Remember there are many people out there who don't feel content unless they are always stirring up trouble or hurting others, sadly, even here. Don't let them get to you. Just keep liking what makes you feel good. I don't want anymore Buffett fans anyway, I have a hard enough time finding a good tailgating spot now.
"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane"

[ Edited by: laney on 2003-04-26 03:25 ]


Purple Jade:
Thanks for the tip. I happened to find the search option before I saw your posting but its a good reminder. Some of my tiki quests are off-the-wall even by tiki standards but I'll continue to to search first before asking.

Also, sometimes some questions are worth repeating as perhaps some of the newer members have opinions about or experience with a tiki topic that has previously been discussed. I really don't see any harm in asking questions or initiating topics more than once. Its not like the board is moving so fast it gets bogged down by repetitive chatter. When I asked a question regarding a particular club I was referred by a member to a dialogue that had taken place several months ago. Since then, many have joined or others have visited the place and may like to give new or revised opinions. Also, the opinons voiced in the "Tiki Road Trip" are not the final voice on tiki culture. Just my opinion.


I may be off, and others can correct me, but I think what is at the heart of the Buffett issue is that people get upset when tiki and Parrothead get lumped together, as if they were the same thing. Some folks here might not like Jimmy, others love him, but I think most would agree that there is a distinction to be made. I don't think there is anyone here who is "anti-Buffett" in the sense someone is anti-war, we just want to retain the distinct identity of what constitutes tiki, and don't like to see the lines blurred. As Hanford mentioned, all are welcome here! We just have a topic (tiki) we like to adhere to, and we like to discuss what is or isn't tiki. There have been many other discussions on what is or isn't tiki, but that doesn't make anyone "anti-African art" or "anti-steel drums".

My two swizzle sticks worth.

~ tikigreg

I'm not saying "Hey stupids, it's been done already!". It's so damn easy to be taken the wrong way! I'm fairly new here too but I was a longtime lurker (and briefly a member of the old Yahoo group) so I was pretty familiar with what had already been discussed before I first got up the nerve to post.

All I meant to say was, the answer to your question might already be contained in an old thread. But that doesn't mean it can't be opened up again or that more can't be added to it, Laney.


I appreciate the meaningful thoughts, everyone.

I didn't wish to make a stir. I was simply making an observation. I'm a moderator on another BB and the biggest problem for us in charge is weeding out negative vibes and, even worse, people who join these BBs just to flame others.

Everybody has their own specific tastes and that's okay. It's everybody's right and I'll support that until I drop dead (hopefully not from a badly mixed Dr. Funk or Suffering Bastard). I'm generally a laid back beach guy off the shores of Kihei (not native born, but a Kama'aina in spirit) and positive by nature.

I'm happy to have discovered this thatched hut in cyberland. I'm sincerely looking forward to meeting and celebrating the mana of tiki with you all.

[ Edited by: Squawker on 2003-04-27 01:18 ]


There are always going to be idiots on the planet who need to make others feel less than. It seems always at the expense of others feelings. It's all about insecurities and the need to feel better, smarter, funnier. Whatever! Life is to short! Always happy to see a new TC Member! Welcome friend of Bubba! There's room for everyone!


Thanks DawnTiki,

Hopefully, I'll have a chance to say the same in person. Once again, I didn't want to cause conflict, just a wish for acceptance and enjoyment of everyone's particular tastes and life ways.

I'm looking forward to some fun up here virtually and in the physical world with you as well.

Carpe Diem, my friends...

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