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Anybody have any info on this tiki?

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I found this at a thrift store in Stockton about four years ago for around thirty bones. My first thought is that it may have come from the Islander but that's just a guess. Does it look like anyone's carving style to you? It stands about two feet tall and there is some bark still on the base. That's really all I've got for you.



I saw something very similar to this on the Hawaiian Kona Coast about 17 years ago. In my humble opinion, that definitely is a piece of Hawaiian tourist art (I bought a couple pieces myself back in the '80s). Most of that stuff was carved in the Philippines for the mass market. On my last visit to the islands, I didn't see that much of this style of airport art. Certainly not in wood. Chinese-molded plastic seems to have replaced natural materials.

That's a good point Squawker but I feel like this is much older than even the 80's. The wood has a very worn kinda feel to it. Maybe Sabu or someone has some pictures of the inside of the Islander.


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Um, Spike...are you aware that there's a demon in the picture with that tiki? Was it there when you took the picture? You better watch out, dude, your tiki may be haunted!!!

Yeah, thanks Jade. That is my ceramic mexican devil. He's cool.

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