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Coconut Joes, Bakersfield, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Coconut Joes
Street:4000 Easton Drive, Unit 2
Phone:(877) COCOJOE

From their website :

At Coconut Joe's Beach Grill, you can walk out of your regular, hungry life and into a beach shack that makes one kind of food: Beach Food.

What is Beach Food, you ask? Beach Food takes its inspiration from several places - Mexican food, seafood, and even something you might like to call "Burger Shack". We like to think of it as the food that some of the best memories are made of. When you spend the day at the beach, nothing tastes better than some great fish and chips, a juicy burger, or some killer fish tacos. One bite of our food will put you right back at the beach, with sand between your toes and waves crashing in the background.

So come on - get away from it all, right here in Bakersfield!!!


Stubled on this place on Critiki.com

Didn't find anything about it here, so I thought I'd post it here.

Anyone ever been to this place ? They have some nice decor, judging from the pics.

Apparently there is a location in Vegas too.


I stopped in there a few years ago on the way back from Yosemite. It is a tri-tip and chicken restaurant with burgers and the like - order window style. Just beer and wine, no Mai Tais. Food was OK.

They do have a cool Tiki truck parked outside.


We stopped here on the way down to Tiki Oasis last year. While not a vintage building the owner has quite a collection of "stuff" to see inside. (He apparently has a large storage unit filled with more items he's collected over the years.) Even their off-site banquet hall is decked out. We did eat both the chicken and the tri-tip and the food was amazing.

I've got photos of some of the interior - let me know if you'd like me to post them.


Hey Jim! I didn't realize there wasn't anything on TC about this place... here's some pix I posted on Critiki...

This place is pretty cool! We stopped by once on our way up to Nor. Cal in 08, and now every time we take a trip up north, we make a detour through Bakersfield and have lunch at Coconut Joe's.
There's lots of tikis and Hawaiiana art all over the place. They have a very friendly staff and great service. There's also hapa haole, hawaiiana and surf music always playing. Great veggie burgers (sorry, can't comment on the rest of the meaty menu, as I haven't tried it!)

The only thing missing is a mai tai!


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The banquet hall is actually awesome. Its in an industrial strip place away from the restaurant.
I went to a private party there 2 years ago.
Great place to have a "TIPSY" party.

Coconut Joe's is alive and well.

It's a fast-casual restaurant. Order then pick a seat.

The dining room has this large boat up on the ceiling.

More importantly, there are tikis here.
. . . . . . . . . .

The address at the start of this thread is that of a banquet facility which Coconut Joe's rents out to large groups. It is located several blocks away from the actual restaurant. Make sure you go to the right place! Here is the address of the restaurant.

Coconut Joe's Beach Grill
4158 California Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93309
(661) 327-1378

Perhaps I was just hungry from a long drive, but I thought the food was quite good. I liked it.


Hey kenbo-jitsu!

You weren't just hungry, the food is delish!

And yes! There are tikis! Although there are much less there now than when we first discovered the place in 2008... they seemed to have moved some around and removed others. I wonder if they've gone to the banquet hall nearby?

They've also changed the music slightly... no longer just a mix of surf and hapa haole, one time we were assaulted by Air Supply... I don't want to listen to that ANYwhere, but it's especially egregious in an atmosphere like Coconut Joe's!

But on the plus side, the service is still great, just like the food! There are a couple of people that work there that know Manuel and me as "The Tiki Guys"... and we only stop in a handful of times a year (on our way up and down the state, for Nor Cal tiki events or visiting my folks).

A fun thing to do, if you have time, is stop in at China Palace, a couple doors down, and order a pre-Coconut-Joe's-cocktail... we once had a (tropical, i.e. fruity & pink) mai tai served in ceramic coconut mugs there before dinner at Coconut Joe's... possibly the closest thing to a tiki dining experience in all of the southern San Joaquin valley)

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