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Antique Store... Imagine the Possibilities...

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The wahine and I were out on the town for our city's "Gallery Night" in the artsy side of town... (also the location of the art institution that gave me my BFA in graphic design). We decided to enter a very large antiques store that I have seen many times but never entered for some reason. Only the main floor of three was open late that night so we both started scouting the glass cases and shelves for anything tiki. After coming up short I approached the twenty something guy at the counter... "Do you have any.... tiki mugs... or anything Polynesian?" He looked blank at first... then his eyes got wide... I tingled a bit... "Yes... on the second floor where the china and ceramics are... I've seen some things... but those floors are closed right now, you want to come back during our daytime hours... I've seen some things scattered about this floor too but they get moved often... no one buys the tiki/polynesian items here... they just sit..."

Oh boy... I'm stoked! Monday morning I will be their first customer in the door...

Hope to have some cool finds to show here on Tuesday... I'll keep you posted...

  • Lake Surfer (on my way to Socialite!)

Good luck with the scavenger hunt, Lake Surfer!

I realize e-bay has been a godsend for many searching for that elusive object, but there's nothing more satifying than sticking your hands in the dust and pulling out a treasure in the physical world. I'm a "digger", as they are called in the archeological world. I enjoy the hunt.

I wish I was with you on Monday!


On 2003-04-27 01:26, Squawker wrote:

I wish I was with you on Monday!

I'm willing to bet that he's glad you're not there! Or anyone else for that matter!



....o.k. lake surfer, whatcha find????....its a rainy monday in downstate illinois, and i need to know that someone had some good mana today.....

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