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Polynesian Room, Fresno, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Polynesian Room
Street:Hotel Californian

I have seen this menu for the Polynesian Room at the Hotel Californian in Fresno.

From what I have read, the Hotel Californian is located at the intersection of Kern Street and Van Ness Avenue in downtown Fresno. The building currently provides housing for low-income seniors and many of the ground floor spaces have been converted for use as retail storefronts.

I have also seen this matchbook for the Bamboo Room at the hotel, which I am assuming preceded the Polynesian Room.

Maybe some Fresno folks can post more info on this one.


A napkin from the Bamboo Room at the Hotel Californian from ebay.


I work on the next block and never had any idea that this building was anything other than low-income housing. This particular block has really gone through a lot of renovation lately. I guess I should wander over there and check it out..

Found this advertisement in a 1955 Fresno Tourist Guide.

Will have to do some digging on this one and see what turns up!!


I found a matchbook from the Californian showing the 'Exotic' Polynesian Room & Samoan Bar.

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