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If you have never witnessed the complete satisfaction of all of your physical needs at once..... Spring 2003 Cramps Tour

Fri 04/18/03 Tempe, AZ - Nita's Hideaway

Sat 04/19/03 Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theatre

Mon 04/21/03 Austin, TX - Stubb's Barbeque

Wed 04/22/03 Houston, TX - Numbers

Thu 04/24/03 Dallas, TX - Deep Ellum Live

Fri 04/25/03 Tulsa, OK - The Other Side

Sat 04/26/03 Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom

Mon 04/28/03 New Orleans, LA - Shim Sham Club

Tue 04/29/03 New Orleans, LA - Shim Sham Club

Thu 05/01/03 Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbit's (Cancelled)

Fri 05/02/03 St. Petersburg, FL - State Theatre

Sat 05/03/03 Fort Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room

Sun 05/04/03 Lake Buena Vista, FL - House of Blues

Tue 05/06/03 Athens, GA - 40 Watt

Thu 05/08/03 Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade

Fri 05/09/03 Columbia, SC - Senate Park

Sat 05/10/03 Ashville, NC - Orange Peel

Sun 05/11/03 Carrboro, NC - Cats Cradle

Tue 05/13/03 Virginia Beach, VA - Peabody's

Thu 05/15/03 Philadelphia, PA - The Trocadero

Fri 05/16/03 Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw

Sat 05/17/03 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club

Mon 05/19/03 Boston, MA - The Roxy

Tue 05/20/03 New York, NY - Irving Plaza

Thu 05/22/03 Rochester, NY - Water Street Music Hall

Fri 05/23/03 Buffalo, NY - The Sphere

Sat 05/24/03 Detroit, MI - Majestic Theatre

Mon 05/26/03 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom

Tue 05/27/03 Chicago, IL - House of Blues

Wed 05/28/03 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue

Call the venues to confirm dates, times, etc.

See! You's always bitch that So. Cali has the coolest events!? I see no So. Cali. Cramps on the list!!!! Bahhhhhh !!! Doh!

"IIIII'M THE moooost exalted potentaaate of 'aluuuuuuuvvvvv" :) Cramps show number 3 for me...Oh, what a rocker it's gonna beeee!

Hell, I think the Cramps should make this their last tour, come back home to L.A. and open up their own niteclub and perform there at least two or three times a week kind of like the Righteous Bros do at their place in O.C. or Johnny Rivers did with the Whiskey A-Go-Go back in the '60's (He had 4 top 10 hits off of his 1st album "Live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go & never toured to promote them!!!). Of course it would have to be the right place with the right kind of ambience. Something like the Redneck Riviera in "Cry Baby" or Satan's whorehouse in "Beetlejuice". I wonder if the old Starwood's up for lease?

ahhhhhh Ship! Now why did you have to go and mention the Starwood!? Now I got to go and wipe my cry'in eyes of the best days of growing up! Tues. and Weds. My home away from the Nest! (by the way. The Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa was not the famous punk club. It was the Cuckoos Nest that was located 2 doors down. Fiction or non-fiction!)

Ben, I agree with you about the Cuckoos Nest being the renowned Costa Mesa punk club. Unfortunately the only time I had the opportunity to go there was a weeknight when a couple of my roomates in a band called the Injections played there and I went along to help set up equipment and empty some beer bottles. Being like a teusday night things were pretty low key. Perhaps the strangest thing I ever saw in relation to the Cuckoos Nest though was when I was staying at my grandmother's house in N.Long Beach for a couple of weeks while moving into a new place and she would sit in front of her TV and watch nothing but this religious station (read Tammy & Jim Bakker) and I came back one night to a lively punk show being broadcast from the Cuckoos Nest on her TV complete with half naked, mowhawked stage divers, lots of cussing and spitting, etc, etc! I said "hey grandma, watcha watchin'?" "Oh' it's things this young Christian missionary films to show us how Satan is influencing our children. Later, he talks to the kids after it's over to convince them to leave this unholy lifestyle and devote their lives to the church". Well I was going to head off to bed but I just had to stick around for that part. I wonder if there's anyway to get some archival footage of this bizaar moment in Cuckoo history?


On 2003-04-30 00:37, Shipwreckjoey wrote:...a band called the Injections played there

Lou Scum was great! "Knock down the prison walls!"

Whatever happened to that guy?

Last I heard Lou moved back to Boston (his home town). Lou was (is) a one of a kind. The first time I met him and his guitar player Bruce was at the opening night of a new punk club here in San Diego called the Skeleton Club (appropriately enough on Halloween nite). My band the Xterminators, a local girl band the Cockpits (great name) were opening for the headline L.A. band the Alleycats. About half the crowd showed up in costume, Lou & Bruce came dressed as droogies from A Clockwork Orange. We immediately struck up a freindship and wound up sharing a house in North Park (uptown S.D.). Lou got such a bad reputation with his frenzied & violent onstage antics that most (if not all) sound men refused to let him use their equipment. Lou probably destroyed more mikes and mike stands than Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison and Darby Crash put together.


*On 2003-05-05 00:35, Shipwreckjoey wrote:*My band the Xterminators, a local girl band the Cockpits (great name) were opening for the headline L.A. band the Alleycats./quote]

Unfortunately, the Skeleton Club was closed soon after I started going to shows. My good friend Larry was arrested at the Skeleton Club once when the cops were trying to close it down. I think the Go Go's played at that show before they were big. I wanted to go so bad but I worked Saturday nights at Farrell's ice cream parlor in La Mesa.

Didn't the Cockpits change their name to the Dinettes?

I just saw them Saturday night (the Cramps)for the 2nd time,and it was such a overload uv effin' koolness I had to sleep all thru sunday,to recover. I just woke up to tell Y'all go see em ,and if you dont like em, or dunno know who they are Fu%6 that weak $h1T an go see em too!!

Tuesday night, baby...Athens, Ga!

The Cramps just added a So CA date..June 10 at the House of Blues in Anaheim (it's a Tuesday)
Just joined TC but have been checking out the site for quite a while...
Still recovering from just the day at Tiki Oasis

Images cut/pasted from Cathey DeGrande. They might have gotten them somewhere else but I can't trace it back that far.

I was at that 2003 Philly Troc show.

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