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Name:Vichy vandens parkas
Street:Ozo st. 14 C

Water park in Vilnius, Lithuania with a Polynesian theme. Most attractions seem to be for kids but there are bars and restaurants with alcoholic beverages such as Cannibal Bar, Bar Švyturys etc. Haven't been there myself, but it looks like lots of fun!


Wow! Obviously inspired by, but with no mention of, Tiki. I don't think that the Russians there would know what Tiki is: The concept was developed by a Swiss company, it was built by a Spanish company, and then the Dutch had a hand in it, too.

Some funny concepts:

The Lava baths are on the 3rd floor of the park, inviting you to try five different kinds of baths, where visitors can experience the entire spectrum of the Polynesian climate: Drought in Hawaii, Tropic heat, Afternoon in Kiribati, Tahiti Mist and Equator Rays.

Zeta posted on Fri, Jan 29, 2010 9:19 AM

Hey Magnus! Nice find! That place looks fun and intriguing! I wonder who will be the first intrepid tiki socialite to go there and take some pictures to post them here...
The name SUCKS! Bigbro, I couldn't agree more with your complain about the name of the place! It's the worst when public places change their name for sponsor brand names. Just imagine how different this place would be if it was called: "Tiki Park" or something like that.
Bigbro, what's the name of the Spanish company that you mention above?

I have a friend in Vilnius and might pay him a visit this summer... :)

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