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Alert: "Mr. Personality" TV Luau

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Just an alert here: the ad for the latest reality TV show, Mr. Personality, has The Girl and her 10 masked suitors limboing, hulaing, and drinking out of (I think) Trader Vics ceramic coconut mugs. Potential cool decor, I'd think.

I don't know if the luau episode is this Monday's (tomorrow, as I write this) or in the future, but my guess is yes. Now, as to whether you consider potential-TV-tikis-sighting as worth watching Mr. Personality is up to you...

(I admit that I watched most of the first episode last week. I was fascinated to think of myself in The Girl's place - how would I react to the final unmasking of her eventual Chosen One? She's not even allowed to know what they do for a living, and I think that's a bit unfair. Another issue, another day, perhaps another thread.)

Television producers must appreciate Trader Vics for its decor and for the inebriating quality of its cocktails.

I saw the elimidate reality show a couple of months ago where the episode also was filmed at a Trader Vics.

Reality (oxymoron) shows - Jimmy Buffet.
I shudder to think of what could be next.

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