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Past tiki establishment in Fremont, CA?

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While driving around near Fremont yesterday I stopped at a Mexican restaurant called Fernando's to have a bite. The building looked like it could have once been a Polynesian restaurant (or perhaps a nautical-themed one). I had no camera with me so I'll describe it. The building has an angular roofline with large windows overlooking a courtyard filled with palm trees and other semi-tropical plants. There is a rambling walkway leading from the parking lot to the entrance which is covered with an awning. At the beginning of the walkway are short wooden posts of varying heights in a row (nautical style). Inside the restaurant has been totally redone in Mexican motifs (probably in the 80s) but in the large bar area there are some booths that have carved wooden dividers which may be by Witco (they are large grained and dark brown). However, the carvings on the dividers are not polynesian style or tikis but are more abstract. The windows are very nice large plate glass ones that look out over the garden (some of it has been converted into a patio).

They serve great margaritas and have OK food. They have a live Mariachi band on Fridays.

The address is 494 Mowry Ave. in Fremont. Does anyone have any evidence that the site may have been a tiki establishment?


Cool! I'll have to take a look next time I'm over that way....

I don't have anything with Fremont on it, but the man who might is Sabu....got anything man??

I've checked my postcards and matchbooks but don't have anything from Fremont yet. I'll keep my eyes open though.


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