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Poly Pop hits 1 thou!

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Midnight already mentioned this in another post but I felt that this deserved its own topic. Congratulations to Polynesian Pop for hitting the one thousand post mark. He is always at every event, and he posts with knowledge and enthusiasm. Nice guy too. Congrats, Pop!

I just hope I'm not around when Poly Pop, POPS! He IS a really cool cat but, you can't be that cool forever. I think he's going to break soon and go postal! 1k! Congrats Pop! What did they give you?

Holy Moly!

1000 perpetual, perplexing posts provided by PolynesianPop!
Prime proclamations prepared perfectly presumably for a prize?
Preposterous I profess!
Oh, won't you pardon past pothers that may have perplexed you people?
Polypop only plans are to please, not to provoke!

Poly-pop, the tiki prophet.

1,000 prominent, prototypical, poly-pronged, pronounced, prudent and provacative prophesies -

Proof of Perfection!

I think PolyPop would have to admit that without my verbal run on, he would have never found the motivation to reach the 1K mark.

So I'll take this opportunity to pat myself on the back for Poly Pop reaching 1,000 posts!

Way to go Bong! You da man! It's all about you! Are you wearing any underwear? Can I buy you a Mai Tai sailor? Can I gaze at your larger-than-life presense? How'd you get so cool? I want to be just like you! I'm gonna name my first born after you! Will you do my taxes this year? I'm going to have my plastic surgeon modify my fingerprints to match yours! Yeah, Yeah.

Bong, you took the words out of my mouth...

I've just completed an analysis of all of Poly Pop's 1,000 posts.

586 are welcoming posts to new members.
325 are replies to Bong's posts.
87 are questions about how to carve tikis.
1 was a question regarding a burning sensation during urination.


1,000!!! Self-employed I warrant! See me at the Oasis, I know a good regime for carpal-tunnel, OUCH!

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