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Ruby Foo's, Montreal, Canada (restaurant)

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Name:Ruby Foo's
Street:7655 Decaire Blvd

This is one of those cool Chinese restaurants that jumped on the Poly Pop bandwagon in the 1960s. I have this postcard showing the outside of the hotel and restaurant.

The great neon signage.

The hotel building was pretty cool too, with those outrigger style beams.

Rickshaw alley!

Here is the drink and dinner menu set with the combo of the eastern and Polynesian women from Tiki Gallery. I have the dinner menu and have been looking for that drink menu for ever.

It is still operational, but like all things cool has de-evolved.

Here is the message from the web site:

Hotel Ruby Foo’s in Montreal is evolving to serve you better. We are proud to offer 108 deluxe guest rooms and two restaurants for an entirely new experience at Hotel Ruby Foo’s.

A new experience indeed. New is not better in this case.


Arrrgh! Look a that MURAL! Man o man, how I wanna see a full frontal close up of that!

The way it looks now is sooo typical for Hotels and bars these days: "designerish", modern, slick, wood, a few cool lamps, but all in all very stayed, not taking any chances. That is to me where modernism failed: Modernism today rarely ventures beyond "good design" and "good taste" now, very nice, but very safe, which makes it generic and boring.

And how....Just look at the original signage too...truly a lost art. Nothing like "understated modern"....zzzzzzzzzz

Here is a Ruby Foos matchbook with the dragon and serving gals logos.


Look! It's a Ruby Foo's swizzle! :o

Those Canadians sure do love spoon swizzles. It must be a socialist thing.


I want to show you pieces from Ruby Foo's, in Montréal. I have one "touilleur"----it's the french name and a matchbox with great images.



Nice matchbook and swizzle.

I finally found one of the Ruby Foo's tropical drink menus to go with my dinner menu.

The front cover with the ladies.

The back of the menu with yet another rum story.

And of course the tropical drinks.



What a thing of beauty! Mouthwatering illustrations (I mean the cocktails!) Luckily, I already planned a quick jaunt over to the Tiki Ti.


LUCKY! I want to live up the hill from the Tiki Ti! Have a Grog for me.


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