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Antique Store... SCORE!

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Ok... it wasn't huge but I'm really excited... my first "old" tiki mug find today at the antique store I spoke of last week! I finally got up to the third floor which was closed last time, and the guy last Friday at the counter said there were tikis up there. I entered and as I turned the corner there was a very large glass case with all kinds of knick knacks. Almost in the middle of the case and it's shelves was this 3 1/2 inch wide by 7 1/2 inch gun metal finish moai. I restrained myself and took a good look at it from outside the glass. It looked in good shape... I wondered what the price might be... Rolling the dice, I left it undisturbed and continued to search through the rest of the floor, in hopes of finding more. Nothing. Searched the basement floor... nothing. So I returned and found the moai still there... he was mine. The old lady said I could open the case and take him out. It was a nice mug... large, and was in good shape. I turned it around to find the price... $8. Then my eyes drifted to the bottom of the back... it was marked "The Fireside, FT. Atkinson, Wisc." Sweet! There was talk here before whether or not "The Fireside" was tiki or had any Polynesian to it... now I know. I showed it to my mom... she figures it to be at least from the mid to late 60's based on her memories of The Fireside. I'm happy with my score... the old lady at the counter said that a woman with a booth in the back of the store often had tikis and mugs for sale... none today, but you can bet I'll keep my eye on this store. Finding tiki mugs, especially old ones is a real crap shoot here in Wisconsin...

Here's some pictures of the mug...

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I've been waiting to hear what you found ever since your first post about that antique mall. Great find! Eight bucks ain't bad either! Plus, you got a little bit of urban archeology in there too.

congrats lake surfer...i know how hard it can be to "unearth" such great finds in large antique malls.....i spend many a hour in these malls here in central illinois, and as long as i find something, ANYTHING tiki related, it makes my many hours searching worth it......

Congratulations Lake Surfer!

I like those Fireside mugs. I know they had at least two different types of mugs a tiki and a moai- both with that black, gunmetal glaze. I've got a matchbook from the place, but it gives no hint of the polynesian bar that must have been within.

I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how you photographed your mug. I've been wanting to take some professional-looking shots of my mugs as well. I've got a real good digital camera, but what kind of background and lighting are you using? Any hints would be much appreciated.


Lake Surfer, ....ahem, what's the address of this antique store?

Sabu... if you're not a photographer than knowing and having Photoshop is key to getting some good digital shots. I just shot these 3 mug photos under regular indoor light then clipped them in Photoshop. Played around with the light levels and sharpness then dropped them onto a plain white background... in all... 10 minutes or less to do...

they're not professional, but the shots can be made to look that way... good luck!

[ Edited by: Lake Surfer on 2003-04-29 09:00 ]

Thanks Lake Surfer,

I'll work on honing my Photoshop skills then. Did you photograph the mug originally against a solid-color background to make it easier to clip later?

Here's a photo of the other mug that I've seen with the Fireside logo on the back. Maybe you'll have luck finding one of these someday soon.


Sabu, I've always had the idea about the 'blue screens' that special effect guys use in making movies floating around in my head. I've tried to use it once or twice but to get the clipping path really clean, it is still best to go in there with the paint brush version of the eraser and do it by hand while you are really zoomed in on it.

Lucky, Sabu...
I always go in and draw my clipping paths with the pen tool... I find it worth the work and time and have more control over the curves and corners as opposed to using a tool like the magic wand or the lasso, which both work good with a solid background. I just shot the mug on a table and clipped the background...

Ok, back to tiki... Sabu that's a sweet mug! I'll have to have one of those to complete my set. Did you score that one near your home or somewhere else? The travels of mugs are interesting to me... the way they end up so far from their homes...

I have had a mug like this for a few years. The owner told me that they discontinued serving drinks in these mugs because the quality became inferior. They were used in the Seventies. The Fireside is now a dinner theater. Mine is pictured on my tiki web page, to the right of my lava lamp.

Finally - a view of the outside of the Fireside Inn in Ft. Atkinson, WI. Kind of disappointing. The modern sculpture looks great - but there doesn't seem to be more than a hint of tiki about the building.

I'll bid on it though, just for historical purposes.



Nice one! Good to find a lil' something to perk up the day!

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