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Tahitian Tiki in the Los Angeles Times

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The Travel section on April 27, 2003 featured an interesting article, with beautiful photographs, on cruising the Marquesan islands which referenced the perseverance of tiki in contemporary times.

The article stated that the tour included a hike to to a tiki site in Papeete, Tahiti.

It also chronicled that handmade tikis were one of the primary items sold, along with black pearls, in the Marquesan islands.

(The author also noted the prominent appendage of the Marquesan tikis).

It is good to know that the tiki mana continues to persist in its Polynesian birthplace, transcending time from the birth of man when it "created woman from earth" in the "big country beyond the sea" before bringing Polynesean ancestors to the Marquesas.
Night of the Tiki, pg. 12.


You're hooked and you must go there to feel the mana of a place where all tikiness began.
No kidding, Tahiti and the isles is a great voyage, closest thing to returning to the garden of eden and the tahitians are so loveable. I know, I married one.


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