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Politiki Visit - May 3, 2003

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I'll be in the DC area this weekend, May 3-4 and plan to venture to Politiki on Saturday, May 3 later that evening.

Anyone interested in meeting up for a cocktail?

Also, any other recommendations for Tiki in the area?




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[ Edited by: stentiki on 2003-04-29 11:43 ]

Hey Sten,
A few of us were planning a visit next weekend. I'll check my schedule and see if I or anyone else might venture there this wkend.


The wheels are turning. THere is a new club in VA, I know ikitnren has been there. http://goodeyeonline.com/continental/
What are you're plans in DC on Sat.

Sounds like a plan Turbo. I just sent out a email to everyone on the Maryland/DC. message board to see what we can pull together. Sten stop by and take a read and make a post if you like.


[ Edited by: powerofthetiki on 2003-04-29 13:35 ]


I'll try to make it. Still haven't been to the Continental either.


Wow! I'm pretty impressed with how fast the wheels are turning with this group! Sounds like great fun and I'm looking forward to meeting you all. I tried to post a reply on the Maryland DC TC site but the action failed (I'm technically challenged!).

I'm flying in on Saturday, May 3 for a week of several one night stands (actually 2 nights in DC). Pretty busy work schedule:

Sunday - DC
Monday - Philly
Tuesday - New York
Wednesday - Boston
Thursday - Going back to Cali

Saturday night in DC is free but I have the small problem of being without a car so I thought I could at least take the metro to Politiki where I could meet up with you. I should check-in to my hotel around 8:00 pm.

How far is Politiki from Bethesda?


I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it on Saturday but, I highly recommend going to Honolulu for cocktails instead of Politiki. The drinks at Politiki suck and they haven't ordered any more Jimmy Carter mugs which also sucks!


Hopefully, I can get to both!

Too bad about those Carter Mugs! I wanted one! I had Lincoln, Truman and Reagan before bartering them away...

I think Reagan now lives in Tiki Bong's hut.



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[ Edited by: stentiki on 2003-04-29 17:42 ]

Turbo, et. al,

I can view Maryland DC site but cannot seem to login to post a reply. I'll check my personal email at home tonight.

I'm definitely game for anything on Saturday and look forward to meeting all of you.



OK sten I'll ask. Where were you?

Still no word From Sten. He still is a MIA. I sure would like to know what happen.


I know that Arty will email ASAP--when he's back in Cali, but I saw him on Tues in NYC and the man was feeling SO SORRY for missing the DC group. He said that his flight came in late, and then when he got to the restaurant at 11:30 pm, it was dark, locked, and everyone gone. He really felt bad (he's a great guy! don't hold this against him!) and I'm sure he'll resurface soon with lots of apologies.

Oh man we just missed him. They asked us to leave at 11:10.they close at 11. Then we headed over to the Poli-Tiki.


All apologies to the DC Area Tiki Ohana.

It's a nightmare of a story, but my flight was delayed in Orange County and I missed my connection in Chicago. I was then re-routed to Dulles instead of Reagan so my plan to take the train or taxi to the Honolulu was foiled from the airport.

To make matters worse, my hotel arrangements were made by other colleagues and they did not arrange for my arrival until Sunday! When I went to check in they were completely sold out so I had to find another hotel. By the time I got settled and negotiated the car from my colleague who arrived earlier it was 10:45 pm. I raced down to Alexandria and went right passed the Honolulu (didn't see it because the lights were out!) and drove down the winding road into the residential area. After circling a few times, I pulled into the parking lot where the waiter with an orange aloha shirt was getting into his car. I asked him what time they closed and he said 11:00 pm. I was pretty crushed. Sadly, I thought briefly about driving to Politiki but by then, I was just whuppped.

I made the big mistake of not exchanging numbers with one of you. I should have known better, but I just assumed everything would work out like it has in New York -- you know the song "if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere" -- not this time!

Anyhoo, it was a whirl wind tour. Eight states in five days. My colleagues and I drove from Maryland to Boston and I just got home. This is the first chance I've had to post anything.

So again, my sincere apologies. I usually visit DC once a year, so perhaps another time. If any of you are coming to Southern California anytime soon, please let me know so I can make it up to you.

That sounds like one hell of a trip. It is too bad that we did not hookup. We had a great time. Turbo found has liver in his mailbox sometime on Sunday. Sorry things did not work out like we planed.

I Don’t know about Southern California but I know we do have a fair number of people heading to the Hukilau in June and to Chicago in August maybe we will meet then.

Please stop back and make a post or two and keep up with us on the east coast.


[ Edited by: powerofthetiki on 2003-05-08 21:21 ]



Mahalo for understanding and not kicking me out of the DCMD Tiki club!

You'll see Manic and Inky at Hukilau and I'm sure they'll have some New York stories to tell about me.

Too bad about Turbo's liver. I hear they sell those on the black market!

I'm off to Tiki Oasis III!



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[ Edited by: stentiki on 2003-05-09 17:39 ]

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