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Well, it's not really a tiki bar, but it's my "tiki space". And I get the FIRST POST in the new Home Tiki Bars Forum :D

Updated pic 3/31/10 - I added some black slate to the top edge of the pond and give it a more natural look.

Limited Edition (1/1) Robb Hamel Custom Grill

"Guardians of the Flame" Firepit Table

Happiness is when what you THINK, what you SAY, and what you DO are in harmony - Gandhi

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Looks inviting.
Your real name is Leslie????? :lol:

LOL! classic stuff MDLM!

Looks like a great and inviting place to hang out, Mike....er....Leslie. :)
Hope you're having a fabulous 75 degree day.

Looking good Mike!
Love that limited edition Robb Hamel Grill! :lol:
Maybe I should try something like that with my George
foreman grill!

All things come to an end. About 4 years ago I moved out of the home where I lived for 30 years and where the Headhunter Harbor resided. Getting stuff cleared out to rent the house so some of it had to go. Most of the "non-Headhunter Bay specific" stuff has migrated to Barefoot Bay

45 years I've lived in the same house.
I'd hate to move if nothing else,
because of all the things that'd
have to go.[ & change]
Is that a disease?

That's not a disease Will, it just proves that you're human :D

My next drink will be in honor of the
Headhunter Harbor


Thank you Jon. All of the Tikis you carved me migrated to Barefoot Bay :D

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