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The Pampered Bull & Luau Hut, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (restaurant)

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Name:The Pampered Bull & Luau Hut
Street:3306 S. Federal Hwy
City:Ft. Lauderdale

Obscure restaurant and cocktail lounge from the 60s owned by "The Crazy Hawaiian". I've got three menus from the location. It looks like the restaurant was called The Pampered Bull and the cocktail lounge was called The Luau Hut. Can't seem to find any other info.

[ Edited by: Sabu The Coconut Boy 2010-02-24 10:43 ]

Here are the menus. A lot of overlap between the three, so I'll just show the highlights.

This drink menu is top-notch as far as clever descriptions on drink menus go:

:down:Inside the main dinner menu:

:down: great slogan

The menehunes look like they were swiped from the Surf Bar postcards from the Royal Hawaiian.

:down: Here's the separate Luau Hut menu:

:down: A wide selection of cocktails:

:down: And these gourmet items that appear on all three menus:

Now I have read MANY cocktail menus and their ..."cocktail captions"(?)....drink descriptions (?) and many of them tried to be, and actually WERE funny, smart and original. But these cocktail "stories" are the funniest, best written versions of the theme I have ever seen ! Pure genius ! Jeff Berry needs to see this.

Now that last food menu: That is totally whacky and non-sensical, as if written by a... CRAZY Hawaiian? I think it was meant to get everybody laughing after they got drunk on the cocktails.

This material, though devoid of visual appeal, has such a spark that it really makes me curious about the place and its owner.


Sabu, Very interesting menu. A while back when trying to dig up some info on the DC area Luau Hut I found this and had posted it...

"When trying to research Kim's Florida restaurant, I came upon only this (using the Luau Hut name) bit of Ft Lauderdale info. "1958, one of only two multiple-alarm fires for the year occurs at the Luau Hut located at 3306 S Federal Hwy, and causes over $45,000 in damage." Too early for her I'm sure, but another defunct Tiki haunt?" Hmmmm

Hilarious. Little wonder it burned down. The patrons were probably having too much fun one evening.

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