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Trader Halls

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I saw these photos of Trader Halls on ebay and am wondering if anyone has any information on this place. Duke Carter's book "Tiki Quest" shows a postcard from Trader Halls with this same tiki with a caption that says Oahu. I am mostly curious if there is any connection to the actor John Hall.

Where do you get those Hawaiian thing-a-ma-jigs? You know, those hula do-dads.

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Here are the two postcards I have from Trader Halls.

The back of the postcard with the location.

I remember reading a story about this place and I'm pretty sure it was not the actor Jon Hall who started it. Will have to put the memory cap on after Mai Tais .......

Quick internet research:

Clyan and Margie Hall who moved to Hawaii and started to work immediately opening The Trader Hall's gift shope.

The Hall's were very nautical and enjoyed their catamaran designing and yachting this glorious Pacific Ocean.


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Mahalo Dusty,
Kaneohe, huh?
I wonder if Gecko knows anything about it.

Found this item with some Hawaiian Travel paper I picked up over the weekend:

Small paper bag from Trader Hall's.



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Wanted to ad this beautiful record cover photographed at Trader Hall's to this thread:


My research into Trader Halls locates it at Heeia on the windward side just prior to the Ulu Mau Village moving there.

Cover from a brochure with a sketch of Trader Hall's from a failed ebay foray.


Spotted this nice tourist photo from Trader Halls on ebay. Good peak at the fernwood Tiki.


It was a good week for Trader Hall's finds for me. First, I picked up this Ports of Paradise album that has a large photo of the Trader Hall's fern Tiki.

Then I found a few old 1953 photos from Trader Hall's at the paper show this weekend.

The lady and the Tiki.

The guys just have to sit in the Outrigger.


Found a few more vintage photos of the Trader Hall's Tiki and Outrigger online.

Sure must have been been fun to sight-see and camera shoot this place as kid.


Here is another tourist photo of Trader Hall's and the Tiki.


Not the same Tiki, but sure looks like it had to be at Trader Hall's.

That guy was BIG!


A couple more tourist photos of the Trader Halls Tiki dated Sept 1958 (from ebay).


Found another great color photo of the Trader Hall's Tiki on the Vintage Vacation website.


A few more Flickr photos of the Trader Hall's Tiki.


Another tourist slide from Trader Halls with the big fern-wood Tiki.

The ebay listing was also selling this slide, so I am assuming it is also from Trader Halls. You can see the gift shop in the background left.


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