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Stranded in a Tiki desert with a bad connection: AOL!?

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Arrrgh! I am going nuts here being bounced off AOL constantly, as soon as I am trying to go on a website (like Tiki Central) or just getting "AOL has not responded"...I know I have an "old" first generation I-book, but why is this happening? It is keeping me from spreading Tiki wisdom on T.C., damnit!


AOL is notorious for disconnections. Can you get another ISP? I doubt is has anything to do with your computer.

Sven, I don't know if you are near Zeulenroda but there is going to be a big Hula festival there in July. James mentioned it in "Tiki Road Trip". Here's the web site:


On 2003-04-30 11:58, thejab wrote:
AOL is notorious for disconnections. Can you get another ISP? I doubt is has anything to do with your computer.

Yeah, but 98% of the time? Has my I-book reached it's (adnmittedly low) memory limit? Whenever I try to view pictures (like the Mayfair Beachcomber postcard) it konks out, or when I try to go two or three links down the line...the downloading slows down, then stops, poof!: "Try to sign on again..."


It's possible but unlikely that a problem with the computer is causing a disconnection on your modem.

How much RAM do you have? An I-book is not very old. I used a Mac Classic II with AOL back in the mid 90s and was able to browse web sites without getting disconnected.

When did frequent disconnections start happening? It could be site specific (noisy phone lines, overutilized AOL phone number) if it worked well before and it doesn't at you current location.

A-O-Hell! Drink two Hefe's and 1 Underberg and call it a day!!!

Sven, it may be that you need to allocate more memory to the AOL application. I'm sure there is someone on TC that can explain how to do that better than me but that sounds like what the problem is. Good luck.

could be your phone cord. unplug it from the computer and plug a handset in, and take a listen.. is it noisy?

Even if it's not, there may be noise that you can't hear but it messing up the modem. try it on a few different lines and see if it's still happening.

Then get Earthlink or something. :D



Also, after you plug the phone in, if the line sounds bad, it's probably because there is too much birdshit on the lines. What you have to do is put your mouth over the receiver and blow reallyhard. That should get a lot of it off.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks, Tikifish, I really needed that!

You kids must be right, I'm at my Dad's place in the country this weekend, and my ol' orange frisbee is working at old speed, Yipee, it must be the Cologne pad's connection, gotta get my landlord to fix it, thanks.

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