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Lanai Apartments, Stockton, CA (apartments)

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Name:Lanai Apartments
Street:351 Glendora Ave

These apartments are now called the Glendora Apartments.

I came across this phone book add last summer while doing research at the local library.

I got my camera and set out to investigate this Tiki Village of the past. When I arrived i was very disappointed. There was very little Tiki Modern left in this place. I waited till some local villagers were going inside then slipped in behind them through the locked gate. Again disappointed I didn't even take any pictures. I had other archaeological projects that were more important so I filed this place away.

Recently I received this postcard image of the Lanai from the author of "Stockton in Vintage Postcards", Alice van Ommeren. Thank you Alice! The postcard lists Modern Tropical Living and is postmarked 1967. I'll revisit this place, take some pics to show a before and after perspective.

Happy Hunting! :)

I just got back from a little Tiki excursion to Stockton and The Lani. I met with the Village Chiefs and had a nice talk about the place. They said they would look for some artifacts that might still be around.

Here's the photos from this latest trip.

A comparison, in its prime and the devolution we have so often seen before.

Close up of the office area, no more Tiki torch.

Interior courtyard, typical MC type apartment stairs.

Swimming pool is not filled in with dirt! That's good.

Outriggers cut off and you can also see where the balcony was cut out.

The badmitton courts were here. I was told they also had shuffle board that was common back then.

Great you found that postcard source. I must say though that finding these rather "sparse" examples of the genre would have not made me jump out of my skin and run to make a book about Tiki style. :)


Hey BigBro! Yeah, it's sparse, but we take what we can get in Stockton! But if you had written a book on that sparse style, it would be just as awesome as BOT!

Another excellent expedition, Abstractiki!

I wonder why they removed the balconies? Too tiki for this day and age?

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