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The Aloha Restaurant , Charlottesville, VA (restaurant)

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Name:The Aloha Restaurant
Street:1382 Richmond Road
Phone:(434) 977-1779

this restaurant was housed in a building on pantops mountin, built ca. 1955-1956, designed by architect stanislaw makielski. the restaurant was open until the early 1980's. at one point it appears to have been known as "chinese gourmet restaurant." it now houses a kia dealership.

On 2004-10-05 15:12, WillTiki wrote:
The "sister" restaurant in Charlottesville is the place I first remember seeing anything Tiki. I was born in Charlottesville, but we moved away when I was 2. When we would return to visit relatives, we almost always went to this place for Chinese food since it was such a treat then. You see, we lived on the "Eastern Shore" (Delaware+ Maryland+ Virignia = DelMarVa) which at the time had only your basic local seafood and steak restaurants. I was fascinated by the decor, the drink mugs etc.
Cut to me as a student at the University of Virginia (YouVeeAy)I commandeered my freshman dorm RA as driver and dragged a whole heard of folks to the place for dinner and DRINKS. As yes, my first Tiki hangover...
The waiters here did not seem to even know that ID should be checked let alone do so.
We had an absolute blast and went back for repeat performances throughout college even though beer reigned supreme otherwise during those years.

the aloha restaurant restaurant was next to, and loosely associated with the town and country motor lodge on route 250 in charlottesville. the town and country has since been demolished.

town and country motor lodge
1344 richmond road, charlottesville, va 22911

a bit more research turned this up... http://www.readthehook.com/stories/2004/04/15/COVERmoderne3.2.html

the aloha restaurant building still exists and is now a kia dealership - the building is ca. 1955-1956, designed by architect stanislaw makielski.

On 2010-03-07 06:34, WyrdNet wrote:
The Aloha Restaurant in Charlotteville was the first place I discovered Tiki. I took a date there in about 1981, and when I graduated from UVA in 1982, my whole family went there to celebrate.

This was a large, clean restaurant with a fair amount of bamboo and thatch, but not over the top. Lots of tiki touches, typically Americanized Chinese food that I remember as being very good, and great drinks. The only drink I remember the taste of was the scorpion, still one of my favorites.

Although it's hard for me to compare with such an early experience, Aloha set the standard for me. Later in the 80s, I visited Hawaii Kai in NYC, and in the 90s, Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale, Trader Vic's in Hollywood, Honolulu in Alexandria, VA, and Kahiki Supper Club in Columbus. And many more after that, from Honolulu to Koblenz. (I'll have to post links to my essays... I'm new to this site. I had some entries in Tiki Road Trip too.)

Between the highs and lows, Aloha holds its own, and I don't think I would be alone in that opinion.

I don't think I have any pictures from there, I'll post a photo of a matchbook when I get a chance.

On 2010-03-07 20:15, WyrdNet wrote:
Here is my souvenir of the Aloha Restaurant, a matchbook. Front, back, and inside shown. Compare location shown on map with other research in thread above.

Note that the book has a shiny silver finish, almost like chrome.

Johnny Dollar,

Found this matchbook on the internet for another Aloha Restaurant located in Salisbury, MD. May have been connected somehow to the Aloha Restaurant in VA?



i suppose anything is possible... charlottesville and sailsbury are relatively distant from each other (across the chesapeake bay), but what's to stop a family or business from getting in the car and going somewhere else? :D

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