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Any Tattoo ideas?

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Hey, I want to get a Tiki tattoo but not too sure on the design, i know i want like a tiki man or tiki carving you know something like that but can't find any good pics on the net or anywhere. If you know of any websites or if you have any ideas let me know and email me at [email protected]

Mambo posted on Wed, Apr 30, 2003 7:14 PM

Hey, why not the hula girl by sailor jerry??

yea mon!

If you use the 'search' feature here at Tiki Central, there was a long post about that a while ago. Sailor Jerry is great! His rum is pretty good too.

Dude or Dudette,
Get Tapa all over your entire body!! That would be cool!

Hey! Wow! I just noticed there's a search feature on here!

Let's see...
A reference to tattoo...

Oh looky! Here!
Wow! Temporary Tattoos!
Gee! Another reference to tattoos!
Whoa! More Tattoos!?
Holy Moly! You're kidding! Tattoos here too?
Neeto! Even MORE tattoo info!

Whoever did this site is a real lifesaver for putting in that nifty "SEARCH" feature!

Aw gee wally, do ya think it'll catch on?



That was a flippen quack up

Although not really tiki, Ive always been partial to the Von Dutch "flying eyeball". As far as total tatoo commitment goes, you just can't beat that guy in the Jim Rose Circus who's entire body is tatooed like a jigsaw puzzle! Of course whatever you decide, the primary concerns should be the talent of the artist and the quality of the work, wheather it be a discrete pair of lips on the left butt cheek or a full upper torso mural.

Hi Airman, go to the bookstore or newstand and check out an issue of International Tattoo or other ink mags, I frequently see tiki tattoos there.

Airman310 wrote:
...i know i want like a tiki man or tiki carving you know something like that but can't find any good pics on the net or anywhere...

I used my "SEARCH" on Yahoo and got:
This, and,this, and
this, and maybe
this, and this, oh, and
another. Ok, last one here.

I'm done. Your turn to work on this.

Here's a show to check out for ideas...

Skin Stores: The Art and Culture of Polynesian Tattoo

on PBS/KCET (LA area) 6/18 at 11pm


Tracing back more than 2,000 years to the Pacific Islands, tattoo is an ancient art form that began as a rite of passage for Polynesians and has become a form of expression for people worldwide. Recounting the history of the art of tattooing, SKIN STORIES features traditional tattooing ceremonies, compelling interviews and a breathtaking collection of tattoo body art. The program traces the roots of tattoo, highlighting individual stories and the evolution of cultural traditions in the Pacific.

Why not Tiki on your left butt cheek and Central on your right cheek?

Already got that one...

Every time Pop bends over you might think he is Irish?


Airman ~ fly on into LACEY, WA to an establishment called TIKI TATTOO. They ought to have a few choices there.

Apologies for above blank post.
Seems like a real personal decision you know?
But I like the idea of an Easter Island Tiki.
I considered for a moment SHAG's "Ooguh Boguh" though.

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