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In case anyone is looking for a nice, quiet, tiki place online for chatting, I just opened my online TIKI LOUNGE at http://www.tikitackett.com.

When you go to the main page, click "Tiki's Lounge", and then click "chat". If you get a request to accept a file from "webmaster", accept it, as it is a java fix for the chat room.

Mahalo! And hope to see you chatting sometime!

Tiki Tackett.


Hmmm? I went to check it out but the screen just stayed gray?

You may have to wait for the applet to load...it isn't instantaneous at first...but once it is loaded and connected, it will run real-time.

Sorry...should have mentioned that... :(



Nope, tried it again, maybe it's my computer? It looks really nice, like you have put alot of effort into it. I'll try again tomorrow :drink:

It took my computer (on dial up) about two minutes to load the whole thing...then it worked fine...

Give it a try tomorrow. I also noticed my server is running a little slowly today...that may be another factor.



Yeah, it looks great. it loaded fine on my PC. Good work.



Got in with no problem, even at work. Nobody ta'home thought. We will be checking in later.

Thanks for the efforts.


Site worked great, but no one is home. How about setting an Enchanted Tiki Chat Time?

I'd love to drop in.....


Uggg! It's my computer turning against me. It wants me to go dust or do some laundry. Evil thing!

Ach Ya! I almost forgot to make a schedule!

Please watch this post, as a schedule will soon be available. Right now, I am managing GRAD NITES 2003 at the Magic Kingdom, so I won't be able to join you all...so I think I will start scheduling times when this is all over...will only be another week.

Watch this post and "TIKI'S LOUNGE" for times and dates! :)

Much Love and Aloha!

Okay...here it is...the first chat at "Tiki's Lounge".

5/10/03 (Saturday) at 8:00pm EST. All are invited! :)


Tiki Tackett

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