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the real thing

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hi all!
I'm goin' to hawaii this week (!) and wondered if anyone has suggestions for drinks/collectables/tiki hunting
I mean the real thing - not the kool aid withcheap rum variety!
I heard there is a thrift marlket on sundays at the hula bowl - any ideas if its still running?

also visiting the Big Island, and Kauai - best bar suggestions would be great.

Apologies if you all have been thru this before, I couldn't access the old messages.

ps reprodepotfabrics.com is a fantikitastic site , also enjoyed tiki news #17, is 18 on the way?
yours in tiki mililani

laney posted on Sun, Jun 16, 2002 6:28 PM

It may help to let people know which islands you will be visiting. I went to the big island a couple of years ago and there is a weekly farmers type market on Alii drive with fresh flowers, local crafts, jewelery, and coffee. I got some great bamboo vases for really cheep and tons of Kona coffee. There was also a vintage store on Alii (The main drag) with sky high prices. My feeling is that most of the vintage stuff was brought back from vacations and can be found easier on the main land. The tikis from local carvers were also extremely expensive. I'm a diver so I spend my vacations mostly under water and in bars at night. I always get a luau in too!
My favorite island was Hawaii but have been to Oahu and Maui as well. My advice is to see the sights, tan on the beach, just hang loose and don't spend too much time looking for stuff. Ususally there is a street with many bars like Alii in Kona or Lahaina. Talk to employees for hints on non-touristy places to drink with the locals and must see sights. Do some web searches but I'm sure you'll have a beautiful time.

If you visit Maui, be sure to stop by Mama's Fish House at Kuau Cove. It is an awesome and very popular Polynesian themed restaurant. Awesome decor; Tikis, bamboo, thatching, koa tables abound! Souvenir Tiki mugs too!

On Kauai, there are a few vintage stores to check out, pretty easy to find. And be sure to stop by Hanalei Mixed Plate for an awesome local style plate lunch!

Just got back from a trip to the Islands a few hours ago, and yes, most all the local carvers charge a monster fortune for their work... but did manage to wander off the beaten path and found a 3 foot tall Tiki (very well done, I'll post a pic sometime soon) for only $120...! Cost almost as much to ship though.... more about my Hawaiian Tiki quest in a later post....


Check out the topic titled "Hawaii Vacation Tips" for basic information about going to Hawaii.

Tikichris, thanks for pointing me in the right direction,
and thanks too, to the others, for their generous tips.

My best tip is the Tahiti Nui bar, in Hanalei -the lady who owns it is Tahitian, and it is very 60's (ie nothing has changed there in 40 years)
watch out for the 'Happy Hawaiians' a ever shrinking [:>(] band of octagenerian ukelele players who serenade you as you sip rocket fuel mai tais on the tiki carved bar stools.

getting thirsty thinking about it....

thanks again for the replies, Mililani

Do check out the swap meet at the hula bowl on Sunday. There isn't so much vintage tiki stuff (although there could be) but the vibe is great, there's lots of local flavor as in food and drink, and you can buy trinkets for your relatives and friends at the best prices on the Oahu.


GECKO posted on Tue, Jun 18, 2002 1:40 AM

Aloha! If you want to travel back to the 50's... La Mariana's on friday night is the spot. Listen to all the beautiful elder people sing all the classic Waikiki songs...they are so cute! If you come here to Oahu give me an email and I'll take you there. Give's me an excuse to get out of the House. I like to meet fellow collectors from da mainland or where eva's! It's one of the last Tiki bars on earth! The "tiki bar" sign behind the bar right above the aquarium was made by me. Anyways, let me know. Mahaloz!

While on Oahu definetly check out La Mariana! I found this place years ago and until I saw the review of it in Tiki News, I was selfish enough to think I was the only person to know about it. It is awesome.

The Aloha Bowl swap meet is cool. Lots of $10-15 hawaiian shirts and other tourist stuff. I have found some reasonable priced older stuff there too. The International Market place is fun as well.

Have Fun

Erich Troudt

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