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Anyone living in the Albuquerque, NM area

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My family and I just moved to the Albuquerque area from California and are looking for fellow tiki folk who happen to live out here. I've already deduced that the tiki culture is slim pickings out here, but I'm hopeful that someone with an appreciation for it lives here...... somewhere. If there's anyone out here, please reply or send me a PM. Thanks!

Sorry, can't help with the tiki. I've never been to Burt's Tiki Lounge but I imagine it may not satisfy the craving for things tiki.

I can suggest you pay a visit to Garduño's Restaurant. If you haven't developed an appreciation for Southwestern food yet it's a great place to start.


Hey Fez Monkey,

Thanks for the food suggestion. We have had plenty of the Southwestern food out here, but haven't tried Garduño's yet. We'll certainly put it on or list.

I haven't personally checked out Burt's tiki bar yet, but it looks pretty sad as far as tiki bars go. At least that's what I've gathered from the photos I've seen. At this point we would be happy just finding some people out here who are into the scene.

Visiting family in Albuquerque for Thanksgiving. Not a Tiki bar - Pan-Asian cuisine, but Jinja has a Polynesian cocktail menu.

My Zombie - very nice.

Cocktail menu back.
Had a nice time here. Food was good. Nice decor.

Are you still there, 6 years after you posted this? I used to live in Santa Fe and am thinking about moving back. As far as I know there is no tiki scene in Northern NM. Burt's is a joke, so is Evangelos, and Jinja has great atmosphere, and tiki-type drinks, but is not a tiki bar. I too was wondering if there are any tikiphiles out that way. Are you still there? What have you discovered by now? Are there others? I've given up on bars there, but maybe there are some folks who love tiki culture, and maybe some parties. FIll me in!

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