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Does anybody know about a small very vintage Tiki bar in North Hollywood California called "The Tonga Hut"? They are located at 12808 Victory Blvd. North Hollywood. I was pleased to see it is still original from 1950. Lots of big Tikis and tropical rattan, a waterfall and fountain, all crammed into this small but rather interesting bar. I don't know how good the drinks are but it has a lot of atmosphere. The owner said they are thinking of remodeling it! I told them that it would be a very bad idea to do that and that Tiki was very popular right now and to change a Tiki bar from the fifties was a very bad thing. Please visit this bar and give them some business so that they remain intact and are not tempted to remodel.

[ Edited by: Cocobeachcomber on 2003-05-01 22:08 ]


Good for you to set the owner straight on remodeling which, god forbid, could lead to de-tikifying.

However, as you apparently have his ear, you could ask him to restart the two fountains which have been long dry and to purchase some tiki mugs, which only would be befitting a tiki bar called the Tonga Room.

Tell him to hire the Mai Kai Gents, too.

I understand that Futuragirl had an art-gallery opening nearby and TC members paid their homage to the Tiki gods at the Tonga Room a short while back.

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