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Manor Motel, Hot Springs, AR (motel)

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Name:Manor Motel
Street:2100 Central Avenue
City:Hot Springs

Found this post card on Ebay which says the place had "Hawaiian Village, Bamboo swimming pool, Luau Lounge."

Google maps shows nothing at that address, but you go down the street and there is a Manor Circle and Manor Lane which is the true location. The postcard image is actually from West St. Lois Street, looking at the building, which was added onto after the rendering. That swimming pool looks a LOT bigger in the rendering! Google maps makes this stuff so easy now!

Looks like the large property is now the Oaklawn Villa.

I've been to Hot Springs and there is a lot of 50's stuff still intact. Great neon, etc. This is not likely to have a shred of it's former Tiki left...

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Goog;e maps image for posterity if the link changes...

I would have never guessed this place had Tiki based on the architecture in the postcard. I would love to have a shot at uncovering some Tiki artifacts in those ruins! I know there must be something there.

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