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Latai Inn, Fripp Island, SC (restaurant)

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Name:Latai Inn
Street:201 Tarpon Boulevard
City:Fripp Island
Phone:(843) 838-2131

I had a tough time tracking down any information on the Latai Inn. All I came up with was an article on a musician who had played there and a few things about the property and the owner. It had a restaurant and a bar, and I assume that at least one of them had a Polynesian theme.

This swizzle is one of the coolest birthday presents I've ever received. I'm obsessed with the design of the Mainlander tiki. I'm always fascinated when I see that it was used at other places.

Did a newspaper archive search and found out a little more.

The Latai Inn opened in November 1967 and was "tasteful","luxurious" resort on an island known for its golf courses and clubs. It hosted an art show and reception in 1968. Don't know if the swizzle came from a small tiki lounge in an otherwise non-tiki Inn, or if the entire resort was Polynesian-themed. I'd love to find out more info too.

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