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Brass Monkey , Copenhagen, Denmark (bar)

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Name:Brass Monkey
Street:Enghavevej 31, 1674 Copenhagen V (In the local tongue: Enghavevej 31 - København V)

Opened in December 2009

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I look forward to the first TC review of this place. Until then, here's one from cphsidekick.com:

We have waited a long time for CPHs first tiki bar – now Brass Monkey is finally here and it doesn’t let you down.

One, two, three – we have a hit
Let’s start by concluding that the drinks are outrageous, which is a good start for a tiki bar. Secondly, Brass Monkey plays surf, rockabilly, forties/fifties/sixties rarities, etc, which ads up and makes it a great tiki bar. Thirdly, Brass Monkey is where you have the opportunities to show of your tattoos and nudie suits, which makes it not only an awesome tiki bar, but also one of the best places to spend your Saturday evening in Copenhagen.

Watch out for the bamboos
The décor seems a bit streaky clean compared to Berlin’s tiki bars. Sort of industrial meets tiki, but that’s mostly due to the concrete walls and extremely tall ceiling. Everything is extremely well thought through from the tiki mugs to the DJ spot down to the wall décor. Watch out for the bamboos though – I have seen one tip off and hit someone in the head, but the guy deserved it, as he was dead drunk.

Cocktails on fire
But back to the drinks – they are huge, they are strong and they come with limes on fire. The cocktail card mainly do dark rum, but the bartenders know what they’re doing and can make your favorite with a Brass Monkey twist, like my all-time favorite Moscow Mule – with real ginger. Oh, brother. Another thing to look out for – the bartender with dark hair and beard. He’s slower than slow; instead wait for the waitress to come serve you at your table – another rarity in Copenhagen.

How cool are you?
On a regular note, Brass Monkey finds the coolest underground bands and DJs and let them entertain the guests on Saturday. Then we got a party going. One last warning, if you’re just an average Joe or Jane your may feel a bit left out, but you’re the one who decides how cool you want to be, so put on your red lipstick or comb your hair with grease, show of your tattoos and strut down to Brass Monkey. There’s no place like it in Copenhagen.

Where is it?
Brass Monkey is located at Enghavevej (Vesterbro) – 15 minutes’ walk from Central Station and 2 minutes walk from Vega. Take bus no 3A to Enghavevej, 6A to Enghavevej or 10 to Enghave Plads.

I am also very curious to see pictures from this foreign interpretation of Tiki. The further removed from the source, the more it gets mixed up, it seems. :)


Great, never had the chance to visit Intoxica before they closed. Now I finally have got a reason to visit Copenhagen again! :)



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I was lucky enough to visit The Brass Monkey last week.
Being a Wednesday, it wasn't very busy but it didn't matter as the bartender was friendly and very skilled. Ebbo was particularly fond of the Zombies but we enjoyed many great drinks served in many great mugs and I hear this place really kicks off on the weekends.
The walls are a bit bare as the place hasn't been around very long (they're working on that) but the bar still looks great as it is (I am now determined to get my own hula lamp).
Their custom, Squid-designed mug will be available soon and when it is they plan to have a release party which I will be very sorry to miss now we're back home.
Happy to recommend the place to any one visiting (or living) in Copenhagen.

TIP: It can be a bit tricky to find so you may want to check a map before setting out.

Hey guys! First post here, I am one of the Kahunas at Brass Monkey, bartender that is.

Been reading this forum for a bit and thought I should register and start to show off our place!

Lots of stuff is happening all the time! Now we also got food and more fun things are coming up!

Some small images to start with! More will come soon!

Our logo!

One of the pics from inside!

And our brand new sign! Sprayed on this saturday just before opening!

Brass Monkey

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