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san diego tiki trip

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this place rocks and i dont even have it wired yet!.took the ol' battle axe there for her 40th b-day and just happend to stay at humphries half moon bay(3 poolside tikis spotted).went to sea world(more tiki stuff), went to some resteraunt called bali hai(many tikis, awesome drinks & kick ass food)and then off to newport ave in ocean beach. there is a store with everything BUT tikis,it had blowfish and every kind of beachcomber item you could ever want and it was CHEAP!!!.its called ocean gifts and shells ph. 619-224-6702 adress 4934 newport ave. oh yea, bamboo2u is very big and has alot of goodies(it just seemed small outside). thanks to my tc buds for directing me to the cool spots.peace TWT

There's a tiki bar in San Diego?

Nice Pop.
You'll never live that down TWT.
All in good fun. All in good fun...


I couldn't resist!

Happy to hear yous guys are having fun down hear in San Diego. I take it you found Pac Shores & Tony's. O.B. is a trip. Everytime I go there I encounter something that gets my full attention. For example,the singer for my '70's punk band the Xterminators is living there with my previous wife's girlfreind from L.A. and he goes out surfing with my current wife's ex-brother-in-law from Hawaii & nobody knew anybody's relationship to anybody until I ran into him last week & put the puzzle together, but no worries, everybody just tripped on it. So, I don't know how long your stay is, but if yo're around on Sunday and you're up for it, let's get together for brunch at the Hanalei. E-mail me for my number & let us know, it's a very cool place with good food & good aloha (at least in the dining rm). Also Judy from Bamboo2U is having a little get together at the store this afternoon to celebrate her anniversary if you're in that neck o'the woods.

yo joe, this all happened last weekend!. i'm already back home in santa monica. sorry we didn't hook up.


hey two wheel tiki,

i am glad you enjoyed the place. i just got back in town, but i am suprised you didn't get to eat at this new hidden tiki place called the islands room in the hanalei hotel. it is quite nice but it is hidden and i think i am the only one who knows about it. ask for the secret drink, "kahuna's spell" . it is not on the menu but the bartender will know how to make this hidden tiki drink. happy hunting

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For as 'hidden' as it is, it sure is easy to find in the 'Tiki Road Trip." I was just there this weekend. I went by to check it out before dinner at the Bali Hai and it is a definite must see. The glass floats there are really it. I should have some pictures soon.

TWT, my girlfriend and I stayed at Humpry's too. Pretty cool. All the architecture on Shelter Island really take you away but Humphry's is the best. Trader Mort's is pretty cool too.

Where's San Diego?
Who's Humphrey?
What's a Tiki Road Trip? A new drug?


I wish I knew you guys were heading south, you could have stoped by the Lagoon Room. Next time you head down let me know, I'm right off the freeway in Oceanside.

yo seagull, i did go to islands, i just forgot to mention it!. we took pics in the bar and that hidden area between the waterfalls.the resturaunt was closed, but we got some grub from upstairs in the bar. the drinks are good if your not a spoiled tiki ti regular like myself!.

I didn't know where we were going, Al. My girlfriend planned the weekend for me and I didn't know where we were going until we turned onto Shelter Island Drive. I'm still looking forward to my first Lagoon Room experience.

after seeing a picture of al and shellys ,i am really kicking my self in the ass!. what a room!. it just shows me how much work i have left to do.NICE JOB!

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