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Kukui Bournemouth, Bournemouth, (Bar)

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Name:Kukui Bournemouth
Street:2 Richmond Hill

The new Bar from Kukui designed by CheekyTiki in the heart of sunny Bournemouth.
Cocktail Bar Upstairs with dancing downstairs

[ Edited by: cheekytiki 2010-04-14 03:52 ]

[ Edited by: cheekytiki 2010-04-27 00:12 ]

Looking good Jamie. A different spin on it to your other bars by the look of the photo's. Nice work as usual.

Wow! Just beautiful work!
You should be very proud.
I can definitely tell that cheekytiki
designed this. It has got that unmistakable
great style you guys are known for. Bravo!

Very very nice, I like it. Nu cool mod Tiki Modern.


Looks great. You have such good taste.

Cool looking lounge , Cheek!

Wow, so Kukui is becoming a chain now? Another fine job! Jamie and Anji, singlehandedly propelling the BritTiki revival!

Smashing! Very elegant.

It's definitely time for a UK tiki road trip! :)

The Bournemouth Kukui operated from March 2010 until February 2012 when the venue was purchased by Eclectic Clubs and Bars and converted into a location of their "Lola Lo" tiki nightclub chain. The Lola Lo retained all the Kukui's d├ęcor so the conversion must have been easy, and the new location probably fit right in as all the other Lola Lo's were already designed by CheekyTiki Ltd. of London.

The Lola Lo was open from February 2012 until July 2014.

(Please change status to defunct.)

Pages: 1 11 replies