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Huakaloa, Valencia, Spain (bar)

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Name:Huakaloa, Valencia, Spain
Street:C/ Carlos Dinnbier, 10

Huakaloa Opened last October.
It´s the first Spanish Tiki effort. Lots of love in the making.
Great atmosphere.
They serve a wide selection of exotic drinks (their own creations) and the finest Valenciano ice cream.

[ Edited by: Mister Naufrago 2010-05-02 02:28 ]

Very cool! Good news! Pictures please?


Yes, please!

Hey, that´s my blog! (and I´m the weird guy staring at the faux bananas).

A couple of extra images.

Thanks for the photos! :)

Do you know their opening hours?

I´ll check, but 19:00-03:00 are usually Tiki bars opening hours.

Thanks, so you think they have open 7 days a week? It would be very annoying to visit Valencia this summer and find that Huakaloa is closed when I get there... :wink:


Tell me about it. I made a special trip to Lloret del Mar and got a hotel for 2 days only to find that Hula Hula was only open one day a week at the end of friggin' May!


BTW, it's surprisingly hard to find a good paella in Valencia. What's with that? That's where it's FROM.



I'm sorry. I forgot to say thank you for the photos. I will definitely put this one on my list.

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Trip to Spain in September is booked, will be in Barcelona a few days and then Valencia - lots of tiki to do!


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