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Rusty Cage- Voodoo Lounge, Calgary, AB., Canada (bar)

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Name:Rusty Cage- Voodoo Lounge
Street:720 16 Avenue NW
City:Calgary, AB.
Status:long gone.
The Voodoo Lounge is in the basement of what, I believe, is the 3rd location of a local Calgary bar franchise called the Rusty Cage. The bar's reputation led me to expect little more than a meat-market setting (and predictably, the upstairs definitely looks contemporary, trendy and wholly unimaginative)...but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail they extolled on the "tiki bar basement". My best guess is it's about 3000 square feet or so.

[ Edited by: slacks ferret 2020-03-07 14:04 ]

Now don't get me wrong, there's detail and then there's DETAIL. This is no Frankie's Tiki Room or Kon Tiki Tuscon...there's a ton of room for improvement. I would've loved to see some floats and pufferfish lamps, tiki mugs, etc, etc.

I dragged my friend TomB (check out his work in yr Tiki Art Now book on pg. 13) along on a quiet Sunday evening and the basement seemed to be mostly closed...or at least 90% of the lights were off. There was, however, a few lights on near the pool table, and there was the lovely ambiance of a Simpsons' episode on one of the many big screen TV's. We drank Molson Canadian's and ate chicken wings. I didn't get the vibe that they had masterfully mixed tiki cocktails.

Even though the room was mostly underlit, that didn't stop me from taking some snaps:

I won't be making a special trip. (The Kanaloa Lounge is another story).

Well, since I make the trip to Calgary every month anyway, I might have to check it out. Of course, I still haven't been to the Bamboo Room. One thing at a time. I'd say the Kanaloa Lounge would definitely be worth making a special trip!

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