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Hawaiian shirts downtown

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Just thought fellow members might like to know about to shops in downtown Los Angeles.

Free Island Style - ethnic clothing 216 E. 9th Street #A, but even better is next door Sina Fashion - Hawaiian Shirts at 214 E. 9th Street

Also there is a fabric store on Wall a half a block north of 9th (on the West side of the street) that only sells hawaiian fabrics.

The fabric place is caled Alen's Fabrics Inc. and all he carries are Hawaiian prints
829 South Wall Street. 213-622-4454

P.S. the reason you might like to know about these places is because they are in the Los Angeles garmet district and offer significant discounts off reular retail priced merhandise - stuff can be up to 75% off what you would normally pay elsewhere.
so if you're ever in downtown L.A. - make a note of it.

Alen's Fabrics has a great selection that changes often. If you find something you like buy it then as chances are it will be gone next time.

Thank you for the tip.

It is not the most economical thing to freshen one's Hawaiian shirt collection at Tommy Bahama's.

I'll plan on stopping by the next time I visit the flower mart.

last time i was there - they had a ton of really nice pineaple connection shirts cheap.

Are these downtown LA garment district shirt and fabric stores open on Saturdays?

And do any of these stores have a web presence for those not living in LA?

On 2003-07-17 11:48, mrsmiley wrote:
Are these downtown LA garment district shirt and fabric stores open on Saturdays?

We stopped by on Sunday before heading on back to the Bay Area and most but not all of the shops were open. I over heard a young woman explaining to her co-shoper that on Saturday it "is SO crowded here that Sunday is a much better day to shop" By the way it was very crowded this past Sunday not to mention Very Hot and Humid.

Blank Reg...from "Max Headroom", right?

i WENT Saturday down Santee Alley and didn't see much to my liking. I forgot to bring the right paper with the name and address of the two stores mentioned earlier. It was HOT! All i ended up was getting a bunch of socks that were too small for me.
Boy, parts of my weekend SUCKED!!

Next time you are downtown, stop by the LA Central Library. The building's design & decor are architecturally breathtaking!

Also, the Maguire gardens have numerous water features.

There is also free net service which has a 10 minute limit, so little to no waiting.

Lastly, it is near the Standard.

All of this means, Go Back. I forgot to visit last time I hit the flower mart and want another review.

Are these stores still open?


I'm visiting LA next month and would love to know if some of these stores are still open!

This thread is 10+ years old, it would be great to check out what's still in business there and post a new list.

LA has a great garment district, and a great jewelry district. I think you'll have a great time there. There's lots of history in the old buildings. Have fun!

For Aloha shirts, try EXOTICAL - since 1964!

I don't know what patterns they have these days, but the store itself is cool

Exotical Hawaiian Apparel


It's in Downey.

Tiare posted on Fri, Feb 27, 2015 2:20 PM

Looks like Alen's Fabric inc is still there.


They have a location in Downtown LA and Carson, CA.

Looks great, I need to get down to LA!

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