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Tennessee Tiki House - 1972

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I found this really funny article in an old 1972 trade magazine about an all-electric Tiki/Playboy house built in Chattanooga Tennessee.

This photo shows the front of the house with the two large Tikis on the doors. The article also states that there was a giant playboy bunny on the roof.

Here is the inside of the house with a large pool with bridges. Check out the sharp outfits on the homeowners. The article also points out the animal heads on the walls.

Here is the article.



phinz posted on Wed, May 26, 2010 5:34 PM

I'd love to find this house sometime, if it's still there. I'm sure it's nothing like it used to be, but it would be cool to make an archaeological expedition. Heck, it's only 90 minutes down the road. :)

Didn't you post these pics before, DC? Sans article, though. I still remember C&A's Star trek comment, that was so spot on!
The entrance always reminded me of the Hawaiian Inn....

....and its restaurant

Also, somewhat, the Aloha Restaurant in Rochester:

The description adds a whole nother dimension to these pics. What a great example of one person's interpretation of the style!


It's for sale.
25 North Crest Road, Chattanooga, TN

VanDercar Tikis?

Pretty awful looking place. 1970s faux Asian and French and whatever... Reminds me of House of the Rock in Wisconsin in a way.

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Oh, that could be fun to fix up! Tear out all the hideous wallpaper and the pink bidet for starters.


From the Google Street view of the property, you can see that the house across the road from it has a couple cannons pointed at it! :lol:


The Palm Tree Gate.

Modern home with cannon. There is a plaque about some military history in front of the Tiki house I can't read via Street View.

Announcing Swank Pad and Crazy Al's Molokai Maiden!

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Here's a closer view of the gate. I just LOVE the lady with the vessel :sarcasm:

And here's the marker on the road next to the driveway

The house sits on Missionary Ridge which overlooks the city of Chattanooga. During the battle of Missionary Ridge, Confederate forces stationed along the top of the ridge were pushed off and driven out of Chattanooga by Union forces moving up the ridge from the city below. The original cannons mark some of the defensive positions along the top of the ridge and are found in yards of homes all along Missionary Ridge.


Welcome to Civil War Central! :)

Billy Hull appears to have been an interesting character.....





(dunno why the second link doesn't open right.....newspaper article about another murder Mr. Hull was connected to....)

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Wow, the vandals have really destroyed it since we first talked about it a year and a half ago. That's sad to see.


Here's the plaque Jentiki mentioned.

FYI, there's a online historical marker database for all you internet history detectives out there. See link above. Although I doubt that will be much help for mid-century Tiki related things.

Heath posted on Wed, Feb 12, 2020 7:28 AM

Still decaying,,,

Pictures and text taken from an article regarding abandoned properties.

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