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Chin's Polynesian Garden, Monroeville, PA (restaurant)

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Name:Chin's Polynesian Garden
Street:4341 Northern Pike

I have this nice little matchbook from Chin’s Polynesian Garden Restaurant located in Monroeville, PA.

In researching this place on the web, found this little bit of information.

Ken and Bo Moy are former owners of Chin's Polynesian Garden, on Northern Pike Road in Monroeville, which is now owned by their sons and called Moy's Cove.

Which lead me to Moy’s Cove which has this huge Tiki painted on the outside of the old A-frame and lava rock structure that must have been built by the Ken and Bo. The Tiki design appears to be lifted from the Kahiki fireplace.

Found these on Flickr

Need to get some Pennsylvania Tiki agents down there for a look see and some better photos.

Some photos of the inside, not to much Tiki showing but the do have some bamboo furniture and lamps.

Funny, there is a Chin's and a Moy's in Livonia, MI too.


On 2010-05-27 15:16, Dustycajun wrote:

Funny, there is a Chin's and a Moy in Livonia, MI too.


DC, lots of Moys up this way in MI. I mentioned Moy's Cove in my post for Moy's Steak House in Livonia a while back but never checked it out. Thanks for posting it. Looks like a good site for someone to check out. Here is a bit from my post.

Kong Express
Moy Kong Restaurant
Moy Kitchen
Moy Cafe
Moy Restaurant ....All in Michigan. I even got a Moy Cove in Pa. and another Moy in Columus Oh.

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[ Edited by: uncle trav 2010-05-28 18:13 ]

Looks like most recently it was Cody's Sports Bar, now closed. Something about a patio on PA Turnpike land and a feud with a funeral home. On Street View on Google maps it looks like the tiki was removed (probably when the Moy's converted it to a sports bar).
I'll still try to swing by and see if anything's left. Hmm... I wonder what they did with those shell lamps!


Thanks for the update. Hell, wonder what they did with that huge Tiki? In somebody's backyard somewhere??


Hey Pittsburgh Pauly, talking to my Doctor's assistance who said she danced hula for many years in a place called Conley's (now Home Depot) in Monroeville. Used to have a Polynesian review in the Polynesian restaurant there, you or anyone else in the area know anything about it? Only thing I see on the net now is another Polynesian show base in Monroeville called Tuika's Island Magic. I bet an off shoot of Conley's because he would recruit Polynesians from the islands to dance for him and some of them stayed. Help anyone I need to know more, one symptom of tiki fever.


I actually stayed at Conley's for a couple of weeks during a job in Pa. Year ago. Yes they had a floor show. The had a huge dome covering a miniature gold course and pool are. There was a Tiki hut and a large Tiki with gas lit torches next to the hut. It was mainly a shot and a beer joint then. They closed the hut for the season during my stay and opened the "Irish Pub" up front and we drank in there. That must have been Tiki at some point as the door to the kitchen behind the bar had a fully carved Tiki on it. I'll see if I can dig up some photos of the place.

It appears that Chin's was popular enough that at some point there was a "Chin's Tiki Outi" place as well, or was this a first step?

May 1979 Monroeville, PA allowed changes to the former Arby's at 4113 William Penn Highway to become Chin's Tiki Outi:

New addition to the collection.

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