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Kohala Mauna, South Burlington, VT (restaurant)

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Name:Kohala Mauna
Street:Rt. 7 Shelburne Road
City:South Burlington

Not too information to go on for this place. I have the large and small versions of the matchbook that feature a nice Tiki, Tiki torch, and a cool little KM logo in bamboo font.

They also had one of the palm tree mugs with their name on it that several other places used.

James T writes in Tiki Road Trip II that the place closed in the early 1980's and had some wicked Mai Tai's. Any Vermont folks out there that remember this one?


Here is an earlier version of the matchbook I saw on ebay a little while back.

A little more information, there was an exotic Island Lounge and the owners were the Lees.


Dug up a little more info on the Kohala Mauna.

It opened on Thursday, March 19, 1970.

The building had very little Tiki, a lone mask over the front.

The print ads featured that killer bamboo font.

The Tiki lounge opened in 1975....

and featured the Zombie served in a headhunter mug.


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