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Picked up some lamp supplies @ Oceanic Arts and....

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Made myself a MONSTER! I bought one of those Big Trouble in Little China sized hats and fashioned a new lamp to add to the collection. This lamp took the place of another that is currently on ebay. Search for seller tiki_teach if you're interested. (shameless plug, nudge nudge, say no more).

[ Edited by: KAHAKA on 2003-05-06 22:30 ]

I loved 'Big Trouble in Little China!'
Such an under-rated movie.

Very cool lamp!


[ Edited by: Luckydesigns on 2003-05-07 00:27 ]



Sweet lamp!


That lamp is very cool! How long did it take to make that and how many clams?
I am still waitin' for the sequel to BTLC.
That movie was great! Kurt Russel rules at those kinds of humourous parts. He has been a favorite actor of my since he appeared on Gilligan's Isle and all those Disney films way back . Barefoot Executive, The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes, Worlds strongest athelete, etc.

KAHAKA posted on Wed, May 7, 2003 5:26 PM

Thanks guys. It took about 2 days after I'd gathered all the supplies. It was an expensive S.O.B. though... about $80-90.

Badly recalled but wasn't Kurt Russel's first film role as the bratty little boy that kicks elvis in that "worlds fair" film

GECKO posted on Fri, May 9, 2003 3:35 PM

cherry lamp Kahaka. Looking fo make a lamp outta a turtle shell i picked up a little while ago.....know any tricks fo da kine? email me if you do ya.


I'm glad you have seen the light.

Beautiful lamp and excellent creativity on your part. Good luck on your cottage industry.


Thanks fellas.

Gecko, I don't know a damn thing about working with a turtle shell. Post a pick of it when you're done. Those lamps are sweet!

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