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EURO EXOTICA pictures and locations

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in Europe is very hard to find any exotic places like bar, restaurant, resort park and so on... My intention is to archive some pictures from these locations. Please post your pictures or any information.

Location: "Eraclea Beach" Venice, Italy

The Huts Village entrance.

Found in a restaurant these tiki carvings.

"The landing of the pirates" an exotic restaurant.

[ Edited by: tiki mauri on 2003-05-07 22:53 ]

Hi Tiki Mauri,

Great to see another European Tiki-phile!
Thanks for posting the pics - what kind of place is the top picture (the one in Venice?)
Is it a bar?

There's actually quite a few Tiki joints spread across Europe. I'm currently working on a fanzine guide to such places called 'Eye of the Tiki', and you'll hear about it first on Tiki Central. There's also a wealth of Euro-Tiki info in the Tiki Central archives, but you have to search for them!

Just to get you started:


Trader Woody

Aloha Trader Woody,
thanks for you interesting links.
The first picture is a huts village with a restaurant bar (not Polynesian) is located in Eraclea Beach, an exotic place far 50 km. from the Venice. I often go in this place for to do a relaxing weekend.
Also the other images is from the same place.
Now I want to contact the Company that manages this place for to sell the Tiki. Look my prototypes that I have carved:


See you soon

Zeta posted on Thu, Mar 19, 2009 12:39 AM

Tiki Mauri... Are you there ?

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