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Polynesian Village Mobile Home Park, El Centro, CA (other)

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Name:Polynesian Village Mobile Estates
Street:1630 W Adams Ave
City:El Centro

I have been meaning to do some urban archeology on this place for 2 years. I figure that if I get started and post "something" it will give me more inspiration to start digging.

This Mobile Home Park has been Polynesian as long as I can remember (40+ years). I stopped by and talked to the manager about a year ago, she didn't seem too willing to share any info so I have tracked down the names of some long-term residents and am trying to contact them to find out about the glory years. I want to find out if it open as a Polynesian theme, and if not when did it change. I'll see if I can find some pictures of old Luaus :)

Here are some pictures in it's present state -

Entrance sign

The last 2 remaining tikis by the entrance. Note the gas line in the front, a remnant of gas torches?

A-Frame map stand

Pool and Clubhouse - Scene of some wild parties in years past?

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2014-03-31 21:37 ]

Looks like it may have opened in 1966. This ad shows in the 1966 phone book but no listing in the white or yellow pages of the 1965 book

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